A Year to Make Memories

By Remy Millman on September 07, 2013
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After a long, exhausting junior year, it’s refreshing to be able to move on in my academic career. I have often heard that the most important part of high school is junior year and the beginning of senior year, so it feels like I’m on the downhill stretch at this point.

Last year I challenged myself with seven rigorous classes. This year, however, I plan on having a lighter schedule, primarily to give myself time to focus on applying to colleges and enjoying my senior year.

Preparing for college

As anyone who has ever been a rising senior would know, the first question people ask is “Where are you going to college?” For such a simple question, the answer is usually quite complex.

Over the last few months, I’ve been looking at different schools in different parts of the country. I’ve gathered information on over 20 universities and my next step is to determine where I will apply.

One goal I have for this year is to balance school work with my college applications. I’ve always been good at time management, and I’ve never gotten behind on school work. I hope to continue this trend through senior year.

Since I have had some free time in the summer, I’ve already gotten started on some of my college essays. It seems boring now, but I will be thankful when I don’t have as much work to do during the school year. Also, this will give me a chance to revise my essays multiple times for the best possible quality of work.

Close bonds

Aside from my education, the most significant part of my high school career has been the friendships I have made. I go to a small private school with a graduating class under 40 students. Not surprisingly, I’ve formed close bonds with my group of friends over the years.

As a senior, I hope to continue getting to know my peers by spending time with my friends and making new ones. I’ve seen some of the senior classes before us and there are some that are very close with each other while other classes weren’t. I want my senior class to be closely knit and hope that the friendships I’ve made in high school stay with me after graduation.

Another goal of mine for this year is to continue to help improve my school’s FIRST robotics team. I joined the team in my sophomore year, a year after they finished dead last in the regional competition. We finished 14th out of 61 teams my first year, and last year we skyrocketed to 3rd place.

This will be my second year as the Programming Team Leader, and I hope that our team can go to the national competition this year. Some of the key members of last year’s team graduated, so it will be a fun challenge for the rest of us to try to fill their shoes.

A time to have fun

My outlook on the year ahead is that it is an important time, but also a time to have fun. It will be the last year that I have to be with my friends and teachers from high school, so my primary goal is to enjoy being a senior and make memories that will last forever.

I have no doubt that wherever I go to college, whether it is my first choice or a safety school, I will be happy. With that in mind, I will try to live every day to the fullest in my senior year while still eagerly looking forward to my future in college.

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