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By Olivia Morrissey on September 15, 2013
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It is hard to believe that I have been a college student for nearly six weeks. I feel as though I have been a Marquette University Golden Eagle for much longer than that; already, I know the best dining halls on campus and where to look for a functioning printer on a hurried Monday morning.

Happy with my decision


Although I have faced some obstacles in my short time in college, I feel that I made the right decision in my post-secondary path. But the decision did not come without months of research, college visits, and a whole lot of thinking.

I wasn’t just thinking about which colleges had my intended major or the best basketball team (Marquette’s is pretty good, by the way), I was pondering personal preferences as well.

How big is this school? What does a typical entry-level course look like: a large lecture hall or a classroom? What kinds of extracurriculars are available? Are there fun activities to do off-campus? What does the school do to ease the transition for freshmen? Is there anywhere I can find my favorite food when I’m feeling really homesick?

In truth, I did not ask myself all these questions when preparing for the next step in my life. Sometimes, I wish I had, so that the transition into college could have been easier.

Be honest with yourself


It is important to consider all your needs when choosing a post-secondary path. The simple knowledge of your own needs and wants extends to any future path.

It is important to make this post-secondary decision an educated one, and the first step in the process is to be honest with yourself. Figure out what you want in a post-secondary experience and research comparable options.

You’ll find that in narrowing down your choices to ones that fit you best, the decision will become much less stressful. And when you finally make the ultimate choice, you will know that it was the very best decision for YOU.

So my final advice to you is simple: Be honest with yourself. If you don’t like a rural campus or you would prefer to attend a community college rather than a university, make note of it and seek out options available to you.

Making the post-secondary decision can be difficult, but it is also incredibly rewarding because it is one of the first major decisions you make as an adult. Take it seriously while keeping in mind that you are entitled to change your mind later on.

But by understanding your likes, dislikes, and what you want to get out of a post-secondary path, you should find happiness with whatever choice you make.

By Olivia Morrissey| September 15, 2013

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