Better and Better: This Year’s Focus is on Improvement

By Jose Rosales on June 05, 2013
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As of this fall I will be a senior at Curie High School in Chicago. I have many memories in this school that make me the person I am today, and I’ve had awesome teachers that made me open my mind to school.

My goals are to apply to VanderCook and DePaul, but I think I won’t be satisfied at the end because if I choose VanderCook I lose the opportunity of playing soccer at DePaul since I’ve heard they have a wonderful team. If I go to DePaul I lose my dream of music.

Tests, and romance
I plan to take the ACT again because I didn’t study for it. Maybe this time with a class or two of the ACT, I will increase this score. I often think about how much of a bad student I’ve been.

Then again, it’s what I do now that will affect my senior year and the following years. I am in love with this girl from my orchestra class, and yes it is cheesy, us playing together. I am afraid that after high school things will change between us. This will affect my future, even in college. I know that my future is very important, with college and all, but I want to have a future with someone I love.

Financial concerns
Thinking of all this reminds me that I have to find a job. Goals aren’t so easy without money support. This is where scholarships are important. There are thousands of scholarships available for those who meet the standards, but millions of students are looking for a chance. I have to work hard enough to get a few scholarships at least.

I am an athletic, artistic student with a future ahead of me. I love growing up. I love the responsibility. My brothers had a saying in Spanish that they used concerning the three of us, “Lo que nosotros nos comiamos llorando, el se lo traga riendo,” meaning whatever they went through, I could make it seem like a piece of cake. But as of today nothing similar to that has occurred again, which makes me feel awful because I love my brothers and if they want me to be something better then I won’t let them down.

Looking foward
My senior will be a succes if I do the following: Make a final decision on college. Practice more in my bass skills for orchestra. Win a soccer championship anywhere -- even in FIFA, the video game. Do something romantic every month for Jessica. Practice with my band and play at a show and have that satisfaction of jamming with my friends. Finally, I will have to do my best at school and get straight As because I know I can.

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