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By Nicole Pajer on September 15, 2013
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  • Gina Iaquinto - Royal Oak, Mich.

  • Education/training beyond high school: Michigan State University for undergrad; Northwestern University for graduate
  • Major/area of specialization: Speech-language pathology

  • Current job title/Company: Speech-language pathologist in Ferndale School District

  • Past jobs held: Pediatric speech-language pathologist for William Beaumont Hospital
  • Typical day on the job: I work with kids 0-26 years old individually or in small groups on speech, language, literacy, feeding and swallowing, and functional life skills. I go into classrooms and collaborate with teachers on how to enhance language skills across the curriculum. I also have a few patients that I see privately outside of my work in the school system.
  • Career plan five years from now: I’d like to continue to work directly with children; however, I have not yet made a solid decision on a setting. I have considered returning to school to pursue my Ph.D. and teaching at the university level in addition to privately seeing patients and/or opening my own practice at some point.
  • Are you currently in the career you want to be in or are you working towards something different? I am in a good place for the experience and skills I would like to gain right now, however I still see my career growing and changing a bit in the future.
  • Best part of current job: The kids! They inspire me with their strength and make me smile every day.

  •  Steven Sizer - North Hollywood, Calif.
  • Education/training beyond high school: The Master’s College, Santa Clarita, Calif.
  • Major/area of specialization: Communications
  • Current job title/Company: Marketing admin at a music library, but I just got an internship in production on the Conan O’Brien show that will be starting soon
  • Past jobs held: Marketing coordinator, Warner Bros Interactive
  • Typical day on the job: Data entry, point and click, copy and paste (repeat)
  • Career plan five years from now: Warner Brothers had budget cuts, and my past job was lost in the layoff process. The whole situation has really led me to re-evaluate my career path and realize that I haven’t yet found the job that makes me happy. I’m hoping to find something that inspires me soon.
  • Are you currently in the career you want to be in or are you working towards something different?  Definitely not! It was basically the first type of job that I thought sounded interesting at the time given limited options. I don’t feel that I’m really working towards anything there, other than using it to find other means of employment.
  • Most interesting project worked on: In my former job at Warner, I was pretty active in the launch of some exciting new video games.
  • Biggest career accomplishment: Being involved in the launch of video games at Warner Brothers and working on the marketing campaigns.

  •  Chuck Pregibon, Warren, Mich.
  • Education/training beyond high school: Undergrad: Kettering University Graduate: University of Michigan (still in progress)
  • Major/area of specialization: Undergrad: computer science Graduate: engineering management
  • Current job title/Company: IT specialist with the US Army TACOM Integrated Logistics Support Center
  • Past jobs held: IT specialist with Portal Dynamics, and web developer with Lockheed Martin. I worked in Iraq for a year.
  • Typical day on the job: Get my coffee, check my email, listen to my boss go over the game plan for an hour, and then get to work migrating and correcting web application code and databases from one area to another.
  • Career plan five years from now: Hopefully some sort of self-owned business that I can manage and work on from anywhere in the world. Otherwise, probably a team leader position for a software development group.
  • Are you currently in the career you want to be in or are you working towards something different? I’d like to switch careers and do something where I can be in charge of myself. The benefits are amazing, but I’d like to try a different route than being a government employee. I feel that I have already peaked in my current industry and company.
  • What lessons have you learned? It’s amazing how what you do can supersede how long your workday is. I was more excited to be working on that project in Iraq, when working 12-13 hours a day, seven days a week, than I am now, working 40 hours a week and getting weekends off.

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