Character, Family Influence Plans for Life

By Felicia Watts on June 25, 2013
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After college I plan to go to college for nursing or early education. I want to major in nursing and early education because you have to be patient, on time, and you can’t slack. And with early education you have to be kind, patient, and care about the kids and their safety. And that’s how I am.

I have cousins who are in college majoring in nursing and education, and they have influenced me to major in them. My family has been the biggest influence on me in deciding what to do after high school.

Money is part of the equation
Money has been important in making my decisions as well. I plan to go to Gateway Community College for two years because it is less expensive, and then finish somewhere else.

While I am at Gateway I’m going towork to pay at least half the tuition to go to college. After high school, I know I have to get a job and a car to get to and from school.

I like school and have done well in it, so I think I would enjoy college also. I like school because school challenges me. I have friends who are already in college, and they tell me how it can be sometimes hard -- and sometimes easy. I know college has lots of clubs and other activities that I can choose from that will help keep me busy.

Completing the circle
When I think about it, I can’t believe I’m almost done. I think back on when I was a freshman and didn’t even know where to go -- and now I’m helping other people finding their way. On the first day of school, freshmen were asking me where their classes were and I was able to help them get where they were trying to go.

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