College will Provide a New Perspective

By Elisha Brown on June 25, 2013
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Cheraw High School, Cheraw, S.C.
Hometown: Cheraw, S.C.

After high school, students often embark on different paths: Some enter a two-year or four-year college, join the armed forces, or head straight into the work field.

For years, I have felt the best option for me is to attend college after graduating. A fresh perspective, a multitude of opinions, and general curiosity have helped me realize that college is the best post-high school decision for me.

For instance, one of my utmost priorities for life after high school is the desire for a new perspective on life. What better way to obtain a new outlook than placing myself in the middle of a foreign environment? Less dependency on parents and more responsibility result from wanting higher education.

Anxious to feel at ease
Due to wanting a different perspective, being comfortable and at ease at the college I will go to next fall is imperative. I am going to basically be living there: eating, sleeping, learning, hanging out. Therefore, I must feel at ease on the campus. It will most likely take time to become adjusted to the new lifestyle. I am already a bit anxious and reluctant to leave home, but I might as well push my nerves to the side!

In addition, I know college is the best decision for me because I want to be surrounded by multiple opinions. As far as I know, college students are the most opinionated demographic out there.

This priority holds relevance to me because I enjoy listening to different viewpoints. I expect that I will not agree with some of my peers, but that is OK because that has happened before. When I go to college, I am hoping to articulate my viewpoints better because this skill will help me with the major I want to study: communications.

Help in figuring it out
Also, I want to go to college because I am curious about it. Through word of mouth, culture, and family testimonials, I gathered that I do not have to have all the answers to the future: College is about figuring that out! That takes a lot of pressure off, but seeing as college is still a steady platform to getting hired at a job, I am still concerned about it. What if I do not like the college I go to? What if my roommate is a messy hoarder? Or what if she is a serial killer, like in one of those B movies? All I can do for now is apply and take it from there.

Finally, above all these priorities I have for choosing a college, I just want to live life well, doing all the exploring and “soul-searching.” (Had to add a cheesy line!) Hopefully, the college I attend will provide me with a new perspective, feed my curiosity, and surround me with opinionated people. Going down this path will not lead to regret.

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