Creating A Step-by-Step Plan for Success

By Annmarie Stewart on June 14, 2013
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Hello! I am back with more helpful tips about college and the grown-up world.

Getting Started

I would like to talk about the ACT test and how important it is. My advice is to sign up for the spring ACT at your school or another nearby school. While taking the test, if you’re stuck on a problem skip it and go back. Take the written part of the test, if possible. It is optional, but some colleges require it because they want to see how well your grammar, sentence structure and spelling are. The ACT is a timed test so, when in doubt, guess. And, if you fail the first time, there is always a retest you can take. Talk to your guidance counselor about sign-up dates and deadlines.

Programs and Scholarships

Another piece of advice that I believe is crucial is knowing what your future college offers regarding programs for careers and jobs. If you have a specific career, such as veterinarian or pediatrician, than you must ask about programs and scholarships. Some colleges offer excellent courses with first-hand views on what you will be doing.

For veterinarians, that means hands-on training with farm animals. By now you should have a general idea on what your dream job or career may be, so looking for a college with an ideal program should be easy.

College Funding

Student finances are another thing to consider. Whether you achieve a scholarship or take out a loan from a bank is entirely up to you, but you should have a well-organized finance plan in place. College is expensive and you might feel overwhelmed. It’s okay to have your parents help you out because you’re not quite on your own yet.


Owning a bike or a motorized scooter is a good way to get to class fast if it is a distance away. When I visited University of WisconsinÐMadison, I saw tons of students riding bicycles and scooters to class. I figured that is a good idea for fast travel in less time.

Future Plans

My future plans consist of a part-time job at a local business and saving up for my own car. I also plan to volunteer at the local animal shelter and job shadow a veterinarian to get a glimpse of what I will be doing, maybe even taking an internship job at a vet clinic.

Choosing a College

I want to visit some of the colleges I am thinking of, see what their campuses are like and decide whether they are the right choice for me. I have strong hopes and a good feeling for my future. And I hope you take my advice into account. Good luck!

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