Do Things Right the First Time

By Faith Jones on July 21, 2014
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Once you finish high school, you are thrown into a world of opportunities, and decisions. You are forced to make choices that affect you further. When I graduated from high school, I was supposed to start college the next fall. I had been accepted into Valdosta State University in Georgia. I had been truly excited and ready to start my freshman year of college.

The month before it was time for me to start college, my family moved back to New York, which completely changed my plans. I had not chosen to start late; I would have to adjust to a whole new life. But it wasn’t all that hard since New York was where I had been born, so most of my family was there.

To be honest, high school for me wasn’t easy. My freshman year was the worst: I had failed math. I had never failed a class until I got into high school. Failing math was a huge mistake. I then had to take a two-hour math class my sophomore year. I also failed Spanish my 10th-grade year, which made catching up seem impossible.

Reckless years had high price
By my junior year of high school I was playing a stupid game of catch-up. I had to do twice the work, and study even harder. By the end of my junior year I had made all As and Bs; I was really proud of all my accomplishments. But I knew that failing classes the previous year had a huge impact on my GPA. By my senior year I knew I would have to still continue to do my best, because of the results of my reckless freshman and sophomore years.

One thing I will say is that I learned that messing up my first two years of high school, or even one, was not smart. There are many things I could have done so much better; looking back I regret the mistake that cost me so greatly. I know now that it’s better to do things right the first time, instead of wishing that you had. Even though my GPA wasn’t up to my standards by the time I finished high school, I didn’t let that stop me from achieving better things.

While out of high school I have had to work to help pay for expenses. It took time for me to adapt to all of the changes, but after a while it got easier. I accepted the fact that I would have to start college late. I also got used to working; since moving to New York this has been my first job, and I have learned a lot.

Make decisions, and deal with the results
Looking back I would say many things affect you, but it’s how you let them affect you that matters. Even though I am not starting college when I had planned to, I do plan to go. Not starting right away has given me work experience that I can take anywhere.

How to get the most out of the year ahead, in regard to future choices? I would say it’s how you as a student make those choices that have an impact on your own life. I could have easily just given up on college, but my choice was to make a decision that I would be proud of. End result: You make the decisions that affect your own future, positively or negatively. From the moment you graduate, you will be thrown with all the questions and choices. The best advice is to make the best of your high school year. High school is fun, it’s an experience of freedom, and you only get to go once, so enjoy it. Do things right the first time instead of wishing you had. Make your high school year count and do your absolute best.

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