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By Princess De La Cruz on July 22, 2014
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Time flew by way too fast during my first two years of high school, and this year I am a junior. I am glad to finally get into the work and activities of the school year.


Ever since before the beginning of summer vacation, around the middle of my sophomore year, I have felt myself becoming more and more responsible. I have changed a lot since my freshman year, when average grades were just fine and procrastination was a daily routine. I plan to apply the new habits I have formed throughout the past year in the challenges I will have to face during the year.


Excitement and anxiety
For my third year in high school, I am really excited for the challenges my new classes present to me. Unlike last year, I am approaching each of my classes with a positive and persistent attitude. I am also eager to face the new challenges that extracurricular activities, such as AVID, LINK Crew, and cross country bring. The only thing I am really scared about this year is meeting these new challenges with the best of my ability, but my best not being good enough to accomplish what needs to be done. 


I am spreading myself thin this year with all the goals I would like to accomplish. This year, I want to get all my grades up to at least Bs for every grading period, which means studying every day with no excuses. I would also like to participate actively in at least three clubs, which means making the effort to go to every meeting or practice.


Along with those goals, I also want to get 30 hours of community service on my student transcript, which means giving up some of my free time to help others. Doing all of this is not only to look good on my college applications, but also, maybe even more so, to create a more well-rounded lifestyle for myself.


Growing independence
Life after high school is approaching faster than ever now, and at this moment in time I am feeling really nervous about that transition. I feel this way because I know some things I should expect, but hearing about them and actually experiencing them is very different.


I know my family will be right beside me supporting me through everything, but I also understand that I will have to begin taking more responsibility for myself and my actions. I will not always be able to depend on other people to help me out all the time. My main goal in that process is to become independent enough to figure out problems on my own. I tend to overcomplicate things, which makes me struggle the most in finding simple solutions to important tasks.

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Princess De La Cruz

Princess De La Cruz

Rancho Verde High School, Moreno Valley, Calif.
Hometown: Perris, Calif.

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