Excited for the Year but Scared of the Road Ahead

By Natalia Naranjo on September 07, 2013
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As much as we’d like to deny its existence, senior year is slowly but surely approaching. Soon, scholarly matters will fill our heads and the summer will be a distant memory. 

On one hand, I’m completely stoked to start school especially as a senior, a top dog, the head honcho if you will, because not only is it our last year in high school, but it will also be the beginning (yes it is indeed cheesy) of the rest of our lives.

On the other hand, I’m utterly terrified of the road that lays ahead, a road consisting of the dreaded college applications, the worry and fear of seemingly inevitable rejections from respective colleges and the separation anxiety that awaits us as we leave for college.

I will finally be able to drive myself to school, have first choice to change classes, be the first group to buy homecoming tickets and park closest to the school. But I digress. There is a deeper meaning amidst the petty perks.

Excited for independence

Fast forward a couple months and after all the prom pictures are taken, the yearbooks are signed, the tears shed and the somewhat empty promises to keep in touch made, we are left to our own devices, hoping that the lessons we learned in our life have adequately prepared us for the real world.

The transition from very dependent teenager to highly independent college student seems scary to most. Quite honestly, I’m thrilled for the new sense of independence and freedom that I’ll acquire once I’m an enrolled as freshman at (fill in the blank) college or university.

Even though it seems as if the switch from home life to dorm life will be a very difficult one, I start to think of all of the new experiences I’ll have and all the new things I’m excited about. In college I’ll meet new and interesting people that I would’ve never thought I’d encounter, and I’ll be exposed to new ideas and ways of thinking that will open my mind to the ever-expanding world of possibilities.

Sad to leave my families

I won’t lie to myself and say that it will be an easy transition though. I know that at first it will be extremely difficult at times and that homesickness will get to me. I’ll miss my dad’s cooking, my mom’s incessant nagging, my sister’s company and my doggy’s love.

Something else I’m worried about is losing my friends, my school family. I’ll dreadfully miss the friendships I’ve made with all the lovely people I’ve met and loved in high school.

The fun we had will become memories and, although we’ll keep in touch, it will become harder. I don’t want that to happen, though, I want them to be with me forever, but my practical self tells me that the chances of that happening are very slim.

My goal for this “monumental” transition is to learn new things about myself along the way. I want to become stronger as I face my fears, flexible when things don’t go my way, and I want to become a more open person that is ready to learn in every way possible.

I want to truly understand the world around me, however cliche that may sound, and I’d like to grow as a writer and plan to do so with my blog, expanding it and pushing myself to write a little every day because writing is my true passion. There is a lot to be achieved and a lot to be expected with the coming year, but I have ambition and I’m not afraid to use it.

Senior year awaits us, and it’s going to be amazing.

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