Faith is Top Factor in College Decision

By Alex Buley on June 25, 2013
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DeSales High School
Walla Walla, Wash.

When I began thinking about which college I would attend in the fall, I really took the time to decide what my biggest priorities are. Three main things really stood out in my mind—my faith, my future career, and how comfortable I will feel.

Above all else my faith comes first. I wanted a college that was faith-based and will help me grow spiritually. I think that if I am going to enjoy college, grow, and develop as person, I need a college that allows me to openly turn to God and study him. I want to be surrounded by people who share my beliefs and help me grow as a Christian. So I decided to look for Christian or Catholic colleges.

Course of study, campus also are important
Another main priority is deciding what college offers the best programs for my future career. I would like to pursue a career in the medical field, perhaps endocrinology, so I need to choose a course that emphasizes math and science. After doing some research, I decided I wanted to get my B.A. in biology, and I made sure all the colleges I’m considering have strong science and math departments. I know this route is going to be difficult, especially because I am struggling to get through my calculus class. However, I have no doubt that I can be successful as long as I continue to work. That being said, I need to attend a college that will challenge me, otherwise I’ll just slide by and not give my best.

Lastly, I am looking for a college with an environment that makes me feel comfortable. I want a campus that I think is beautiful and somewhere I feel like I fit in and belong. I want to attend a school that is not too far from home so I can come home and visit often.

My mom was pregnant with me at 42 years old, so my parents are older than most of my classmates’ parents. I figure that I should spend as much time with them as I can while I still have them. Also, I am pretty positive I make their lives much more interesting.

Praying for guidance
When it comes time to make my final decision of where I am going to attend college, I am going to spend time talking to God about it. I have already been praying for his guidance to help me find a college where I fit and I truly believe he is going to guide me to where I belong. I think that God has a plan for everyone and that it’s our choice to follow it.

Wherever I end up, the most important thing is that I am fulfilling God’s plan for me. I don’t completely know what that plan is, but I think I am going in the right direction. College is the next step in deciding what type of person I become and what type of life I lead. I am leaving my decision up to God.

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