Finding a Second Home

By Jeremy Vinluan on September 15, 2013
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When I was a senior in high school, I simply wanted to go to college after high school graduation. I didn’t realize that my personal choice of going to the University of Dayton would impact my whole family.

UD is tremendously far from home in Virginia Beach. My dad knew that I had to leave the nest someday. My brothers wanted me to stay home. My mother had the hardest time, dealing with the fact that her third son was growing up so darn fast. I knew that I had to grow up and to start experiencing what the real world would be like.

Spreading my wings 

More than two years has passed, and I’ve changed a lot and am still changing. I made friends with so many people all over America and around the world. I joined a one-of-a-kind fraternity that battles the idea of “stereotypical” fraternity. I changed my major from pre-medicine to journalism.

I even got the best student jobs on campus. Right now, I work as a resident assistant to first-year students, a substitute for front desk assistant, and a student blogger.

I once asked myself: how did I get here? How in the world did a guy from Virginia Beach, Va., end up being in Dayton, Ohio?

Meant to be 

Well, truth to be told, University of Dayton wasn’t even on my list of universities. I simply got a phone call from UD one night that informed me about the existence of the university for the first time. So I applied right away and received my first acceptance letter few weeks after. Other universities “rejected” me, leaving me with one university: UD.

I didn’t know that UD is a Marianist, Catholic university. There is a reason why I was chosen to come to UD.

When I was three years old, my doctors diagnosed me with progressive hearing loss. My mother was so devastated and cried many times, thinking that it was her fault.

She had a conversation one time with her mother (my grandmother) who asked her why she was crying since she had a special child in her arms. My grandmother was a devout Catholic and a Marian.

Not many people will believe my story. Only few would describe my current story as a leap of faith.

The right fit 

I do not regret coming to a great place where I am surrounded by nice people and great friends. I used to be a stranger in a new world. Now, I am a Dayton Flyer in a place that is my second home.

I have heard from many people that they never imagined coming to the university while others always knew they would attend because of family connections or the good programs. I was surprised to meet students who are third-generation Dayton Flyers or even beyond.

There are two suggestions I would give to high school students considering college. One, go to a place where you think you will be comfortable at. And two, you can go to a place you hadn’t heard of and have a great experience.

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Jeremy Vinluan

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