Finding the grand balance of life duties

By Aaron Blume on July 22, 2014
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This year I am a junior at Birdville High School. Last year I ran to be president of Key club and won, so I will have more responsibilities on top of homework and my job. Key club is a community service club that works with the Kiwanis club. They fund our program and give us advice to help our community prosper.


I was pinned down last year with homework almost every day. I got very depressed because I was not able to be outside, do things I wanted, and hang out with friends. I became a slave to routine and started to go out for late-night walks; these helped me cope with the boredom and stress I was suffering from. I started to run instead of walk and also hit the weight room a lot more. Releasing my anger through this physical labor helped me beyond what I figured it could.


Making friends, learning lessons
I have found a grand balance with all my life’s duties. I often think back on how I overcame my stress and am glad I diligently fought life’s negativities. I haven’t much I want to get out of the upcoming school year except some deep friendships, good grades, and life lessons! Real simple! On the other hand, I have great goals for next year and the rest of my life. I do not know if I will follow my plans directly.


Like I said, I will be the president of Key club, in which I hope to host a prom in a nursing home; I hope to send some money to charity groups, and start a food drive. I also am taking all pre-AP and AP classes except English. These classes will be a challenge, but hopefully they will take me far into my educational quest. I am also in student council. It will be my first year to do it; I don’t know much about it but I am willing to contribute to making the school better! This is also why I joined Student Paths.


The least important task of mine is my job. I mow lawns, and it pays well per hour and is great exercise. But my parents provide enough for me. It’s just an extra learning experience for me. I like it and I don’t mind it at all.


Planning path, but open to alternate routes
After high school I plan to attend one of two military academies. I will apply to the United States Air Force Academy and the United States Naval Academy. I would prefer to attend the Naval Academy, and if I succeed through the education at one or the other I plan to become a fighter pilot or maybe a search and rescue pilot. What I really want to do is go through the Naval Academy and become a Marine Special Forces operative. That is my ultimate goal.


I understand that life is great at giving you a curveball, so I am prepared to go alternative routes if need be. Although I only mentioned two colleges I hope to go to, I am hoping I could get scholarship options to other Texas colleges. I would like to either go to Texas Christian University or Texas A&M, for Texas A&M has a Marine ROTC.


So I have quite a bit planned out for my life, but to be honest I would like to kick back, go with the flow and not worry too much about what happens. I am excited to work with Student Paths and contribute to schools in America.




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Aaron Blume

Aaron Blume

Birdville High School,
North Richland Hills, Texas
Hometown: Hurst, Texas

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