Focusing on the Future

By Felicia Watts on June 05, 2013
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I live in West Haven, Connecticut, with my mom and my younger sister. I’ve been living in West Haven all my life and am a senior at West Haven High School.

When you go to high school it changes you

My goals for my last year of high school are to graduate with honors and get into Southern Connecticut State University. So to make these goals come true, I’m going to work hard and still have fun.

Making progress
When I first went to high school I was nervous and I didn’t do that well. After that I started to do better and got on the honor roll. And now that I’m a senior I’m making sure I’ll make the honor roll again. I’m trying to become a nurse or a teacher. I’m doing community service at a homeless shelter.

I’m happy I made it this far, because when I was growing up kids used to tease me a lot for being overweight, and even though it brought me down I still kept my head up because I know they weren’t better than me. I don’t work right now, but after I finish high school and become a CNA (certified nursing assistant), I’m going to start working.

Options for a bright future
If I don’t get into Southern, I’ll go to Stone Academy here in Connecticut. I’m a normal girl; I like Justin Bieber and One Direction. I like to read, and sometimes I write poems and stories. In school I’m in chorus, anime club and Gay Straight Alliance. And I try not to get in trouble. I am also looking forward to prom, senior skip day and graduation. I see my future as very bright because I have so many opportunities to make something of my life. I have so many ideas and theories of what I would like to achieve.

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Felicia Watts

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