Growing Toward College

By Ashley Alexander on September 15, 2013
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As we all know, a senior has a lot of responsibilities before he or she leaves and goes off to college. There are sacrifices, risks, and also areas to improve before we can actually say we are ready for college. I have a few main areas where I need to grow to be prepared for my next step after graduation.

Choosing a college is not as easy as it actually looks. When I was a junior, I admired seniors saying they were going to certain colleges during the year, but they never stressed how hard the application process would be. Before applying to a college you have to adjust your fantasies to reality.

The issue of money is becoming huge for students who are going to college, and sometimes, a senior has to face the reality of narrowing down his or her choices because of things they can afford and what they cannot I have to realize there are certain colleges I just can’t afford. Being able to say I will go to college with my best friends is easier said than done.

When choosing a college, you need to look up financial aid and scholarship information at each of the schools you are interested in. Knowledge is power no matter what school it comes from, so I can’t be too picky with my choices.

No more immaturity

Responsibility is key for a senior preparing to be dependable. In college, your mom isn’t there to wake you for being late or to pay your bills. College requires responsibility just to stay in school. As one of my friends once told me, “You have to be mentally ready for college.”

It is never too late to change before this year ends, and I know I will need to think like a mature adult and make decisions like an adult. When you are in college you have to let go of the immaturity if you want to succeed and graduate. Enjoy your fun teenage years while you are in high school because when college comes, there is a lot of studying.

Before I get accepted into college I have to actually earn the appropriate scores on my ACT/SAT. In addition to the SAT/ACT, my GPA also has to be at a certain level to get into college. Senior year is like the serious year for students because you have to keep everything you worked for throughout your four years up until you graduate. You have to work especially hard if you want to get accepted into a specific college.

Every senior has certain priorities they need to focus on before their senior year is over. It’s up to that senior if they want to do something about them or just let them drift away.

This is my year to get everything prepared for the next four years of my life as a college student. It is up to only me to make it happen.

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