Happy in Student Role and Confident in College Fit

By Jordan Sweigart on June 26, 2013
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Worcester College, University of Oxford, England

Hometown: Reading, Pa.

Without a doubt, I can say I have chosen the best post-secondary path for me. “Student” is a perfect label for an ambitious and knowledge-seeking individual like me. Each day I am able to quench my academic thirst while also knowing that there will be more for me to search for the next day.

I have not always thought this way. College has embedded this mindset into my daily routine. It has also encouraged me further, to apply it to life itself. The development of that mindset is one of the many reasons college is a genuine fit for me. The privilege to study abroad and the ability to play hockey are two others.

Seeds were planted long ago
From the time I was a tiny sprout in elementary school, I knew that one day I would be matriculating at a college somewhere in the United States. My parents constantly reminded me of this fact while I completed each grade until I was a high school senior. My decision to attend college was made long before I reached the proper college age.

It was almost like an arranged marriage, except I arranged it myself with the help of my parents. They wanted me to have a college degree, and I realized its importance quite early. Where this college would be is a completely different story. Eventually, my dream finally culminated in a walk across the stage at high school graduation. I would be attending Assumption College in the fall of 2010.

Since then, there have been some readjustments to the overall plan, however. I thought I would simply do my four years and get a job. Today, I have desecrated all of my previous notions of what my college life would be like. As I type this, I am sitting in a dorm at the University of Oxford. It is almost magical to think that I am completing college work in another country. So much for that dream of staying in the United States. My opportunities prove to be endless, thanks to my collegiate choice.

Choosing between lifelong loves
One of the larger bonuses in attending Assumption College is that I was able to play ice hockey at the NCAA level. This certainly helped to sway my college decision. I loved playing hockey, but was approached with a difficult decision before the start of this year.

I could either study abroad or play hockey. I chose the former. This college has taught me that making tough choices is good for character building. I could still be playing hockey, but I would not be having this excellent intellectual and cultural experience. Had it not been for Assumption, I may not have had to make a decision between my lifelong loves.

Honestly, I would do this process all over again, even down to the minute details. Occasionally, I discuss with my parents that I would have rather applied to this college or that college. However, notice that I do not say I would have attended any of those schools. Those instances are times of frustration and anger with Assumption.

Focusing on what’s important
In retrospect, all of the rejections that I received only magnified the importance of the acceptances that I earned. I believe I can carry that attitude far beyond my collegiate years and apply it to my job hunt after graduation. Any day I learn a life lesson at school, especially two such as choices and motivation, I feel pretty confident in my college.

The important thing for me is to not get discouraged at miniscule cosmetic issues the school may throw my way. I try to brush them off and focus on what is important: my academic education, my growth as a human being, and my entertainment. Those three aspects of Assumption are what make me realize my choice was the best choice I have made in my life.

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Jordan Sweigart

Jordan Sweigart

Worcester College, University of Oxford, England
Hometown: Reading, PA

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