Hoping for Personal and Physical Growth

By Aubreigh Sabbota on July 21, 2014
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I have a long list of hopes and wishes for the year ahead but I will share only a select few. First and foremost, I anticipate reading more books. I plan to read more since I am determined to go to college for English and Communication Arts. Secondly, I hope to grow taller. I am an inch from being 5 feet tall. Thirdly, I hope to befriend more people in my senior year. Lastly, I have a goal to become less chatty in class, though I will not go into great detail about this.

New chapter: Reading for pleasure
Never have I read a book for pleasure, with the exception of comic books and magazines. College English courses go further than what is taught all through high school. Sometimes it is necessary to have prior information about a piece of text that is not introduced in high school. This is why I wish for the motivation to choose a few books and read them all the way through. I am going to read a number of novels, maybe five, per month. In addition, reading is also known to reduce anxiety. Perhaps reducing worry will assist me in growing taller.

Growth could be tall order
I have been a small person all of my life. One of my goals for the year ahead is to get at least one inch taller. I have heard that teenagers produce the majority of their growth hormones while sleeping; thus, I am going to attempt to obtain better rest.

While getting taller is something I do not need, it is something I fancy. I am similar to a middle school student in size, but I would like to get past this awkward smallness. All the time, I have people approaching me with remarks about my height. Literally being able to rise above the sarcasm is significant.

Setting sights on friendships
My third objective is to become a better buddy. In high school, I have not been the most sociable person. I come off rather timid and shy, when in fact I am quite the opposite once one is familiar with me. I am making it a priority to be a better friend to others, and I may finish school with a good number of friends. I will reach my goal by forming genuine friendships rather than just making acquaintances. I made more than a few friends this summer and will be there for them.

I trust that the year ahead will be the most excellent year of my life. I have high hopes that can be attained. In addition, anyone can go after their dreams!

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Aubreigh Sabbota

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