How Will You Spend These 302,400 Minutes?

By Megan Lynch on September 18, 2013
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Despite what you may believe, going to high school for four years is necessary and actually worth it. If you do the math, you will spend 302,400 minutes sitting in class learning or hopefully learning, anyway. Thinking of all the things you could be doing otherwise, it may seem like a complete bore and waste of time sitting inside under fluorescent lighting. It takes quite some time to understand the reasoning behind educators and guardians pushing you to go to class every day, but after you receive your diploma and have the feeling of success, it will be obviously apparent.

You have basically two choices: do your best to make high school enjoyable and memorable, or drag your feet for 302,400 minutes. High school offers many diverse opportunities that are created to bring entertainment and social interaction. And meeting new people and friends is more than just fun; it’s actually important, as knowing how to create and maintain relationships will carry you into your next stage of life, whether you will be attending college or starting a job.

While making these relationships, you’ll also learn a lot about yourself. You will realize what type of people you want to be involved with and who you get along with. This also carries into the decisions you make and activities you partake in and I probably don’t need to go on too much about how important it is that you practice good decision-making. It’s something you’re likely having hammered at you at home and in school: all the decisions you’ll face, from choosing what classes to take to who to hang out with to what to do tonight to what to wear tomorrow to what to say right now are just a few examples affect the quality of your future.

After you get some good relationships established, the hard part then becomes balancing them with other parts of your life, in school and out. Remember, when having to make tough choices, that it’s what’s inside you that counts. Truly good friends like you for the person you are and what's inside your heart. You will make and lose friends frequently, but it’s a part of life.

Speaking of hard-to-balance relationships, you’ll probably find that in high school, the pressure to have a boyfriend of girlfriend becomes stronger. A word of advice: protect your heart. You may think you love your girlfriend or boyfriend, but the stress of peer pressure and heartache can make you miserable and compromise yourself. There’s no harm in having fun, but remember all your actions have consequences, and you have to be responsible.

High school is not a joke. It wouldn’t be a law to attend if there wasn’t a purpose behind it all. When we started off in kindergarten, we had nap time and storytelling. Elementary school had recess and snack time. In middle school, we got a tiny taste of responsibility. Now, in high school, we are being prepared to be adults and live in the real world. We have roles to play and consequences for every action we take, positive or negative. We are taught more on how to think for ourselves and how to make the best of every situation. All of these skills will carry on into our adult lives and futures. Turning in assignments on time teaches punctuality and time management. Respecting teachers and authorities carries over to future bosses in your professional life. Even the simplest action, like raising your hand before you speak, teaches respect and tolerance.

In the end the hope is that, as a result of your 302,400 minutes, you will be ready to move onto the next phase of your life, and that you are prepared to succeed.

The ball is in your court. Teachers cannot make you do the homework or study for the quizzes. Parents can’t force you to go to school every day and attend each class. It’s up to you to make the best out of the 302,400 minutes. It will be a long four years if you don’t try to enjoy yourself and make those minutes memorable.

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