I’ve learned about myself, and grown up a lot

By Jenna Hubaishy on March 04, 2014
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With my first semester of college done, I can honestly say that I have been through more than I ever thought was possible. So much has changed, and I have learned a lot about myself and who I want to be.

This school year has taught me to make good lifestyle choices, including what I should or should not be pursuing, as well as many valuable skills. My life has changed completely since August. Being in college is such a wonderful experience, and I feel like I have grown up a lot.   

Three characteristics that count

Out of everything I have learned this year, it is difficult to narrow down what I think is most important but there are some essential skills and pieces of advice that everyone should know. No matter what post-high school path you choose, characteristics such as time management, surrounding yourself with positive people, and pursuing the things that interest you are valuable life skills that everyone should practice. These are things that will contribute to your success in the future no matter what path you choose.

Social circle can foster success or failure

College has taught me some of the most important lifestyle choices you can make. One of them is to be careful who you trust and hang out with. It is very easy to slip into the glamour of the independence that comes with being in college, which includes new-found freedoms that can sometimes lead you down the wrong path. So keep in mind that who you choose to hang out with has a huge impact on your success.

It’s about time

Another choice that I feel needs to be highlighted is time management. As soon as I started school, all I heard was advice on managing your time, and even if it seemed excessive, the importance of time management needs to be stressed to that extent.

College has been a great experience; I have loved every minute of this new chapter of my life and you will too, once you figure out the best way to adjust to post-high school life.

My plans for the summer: I plan to get ahead with my coursework by taking a few extra classes, either at the university I currently attend or somewhere closer to home. I also hope to get a good job or internship that is focused on using skills that surround my major.
Of course, I also plan to enjoy spending time with my friends back home and my family. Being away from home has really made me appreciate it more because even though college has been an amazing adventure, I definitely enjoy being at home and not eating cafeteria food every day!

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