I Wouldn’t Change a Thing

By Megan Lynch on September 15, 2013
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Close your eyes and picture yourself 20 years in the future. Do you see a family in a cozy home in the country? Do you see a busy life in a bustling city?

Are you working 40 hours at a desk or out in the field? What do you see? This exercise will help you determine what you should do after graduation.

In all honesty, I am such a nerd. I have always liked school and enjoyed taking difficult classes and challenging myself. Because of this, I chose to attend a four-year University of Wisconsin college to further my education.

My major is biology with an emphasis on cell biology and physiology. I know, such a nerd. It’s my passion though; it’s what I live for.

I chose this path for myself. Yes it’s difficult, but it gives meaning to my life.

Right Choice 

I feel like I made the best choice possible for myself. The college of my choice, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, is only 20 minutes from my hometown.

Some people say how they can’t wait to get away from home. I personally would have hated going anywhere further than where I am now. I love having the option to go home on weekends or visit if I want.

I also love that the campus is small and peaceful. I swear there are more woodland creatures in Whitewater than any other city. The campus is out of a Disney movie like Snow White. I absolutely love my environment.

There were many factors I was contemplating when deciding what to do after graduation. I was thinking about possibly taking a semester off to take a break and sort of relax.

I am entirely happy that I decided against this. In my opinion and what I’ve observed, the students that take a semester off end up never going back. This path may be for some people, but I know that I would entirely regret ending my education like that.

I would look though the millions of brochures I received in the mail and was utterly overwhelmed. There were schools across the country, all with different majors and minors, different campuses, different opportunities and new adventures. I was playing the pro/con game for hours.

I talked to my mom, best friends, teachers, and guidance counselors. I tried to think of a master plan of where I want to be, and who I want to be.

Learning and growing 

I am about a month and a half into the semester here at Whitewater and there isn’t a thing I would change. I chose a difficult schedule, but it keeps me busy and always on my toes. I love living in the dorms and meeting basically a new person every day. I love the respect I receive from my professors and peers.

The independence of being on my own is rewarding and fun. I’ve learned that it’s not so intelligent to wait until the night before a paper is due to start it, and cramming for an exam is stressful.

I’ve grown up immensely from high school and have learned some domestic chores: laundry, grocery shopping, and dusting. My dorm is surprisingly clean most of the time.

The entire experience so far has taught me a lot and shown me a fraction of my potential. I have so much ambition.

You don’t simply choose a path, and you’re done. It’s all a work in progress, and in the end, it will all be worth it. Put some serious thought into your future these next couple months, and decide where you want to be in 20 years.

Make it happen.

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Megan Lynch

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