In terms of broader goals, I’m on target

By Alyssa McComb on December 12, 2013
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I used to have my heart set on one goal: graduate from Flagler, my dream college. However, sometimes when we make a goal so direct and specific, it’s almost certain we’ll be let down. Here I am halfway through my junior year, and life has shaken me yet again. Am I in the right place for me? How are we to ever really know? At the start of this year I would have said, “Yes, Flagler is the right place for me.” However, now I am no longer there, stuck in a limbo of “taking the semester off” for personal health.

So now, when I consider whether I am where I want to be at this stage in my life, I remember what I wanted in my high school years: to be working on me and my life. Am I in college? Yes. Am I constantly improving myself? Yes. It is broad goals like these that tend to work better for me, and I would think, younger people in general. We never know what’s around the corner for us, and I think it’s best to have goals, but to keep in mind that life changes and curve balls are thrown.

Detailed plan or general outline?

It’s true that when you’re still in high school, the pressure to create a detailed plan of your future is very high. And for many reasons, it is good to create a detailed plan for your future. But think of these plans as more general guidelines. There’s no way your life will follow these exact steps without a few hiccups.

In the grand scheme of things, I did choose the best post-secondary path for me. College is the perfect way to become a successful journalist, along with a few other things, and I am very happy in my choice. I may not graduate college from the school I originally planned, but as you grow older (and hopefully wiser) you realize things happen and you have to work around them, always keeping your eye on the bigger prize.

If I could do anything differently starting my senior year in high school, it would be simply stress less. There is so much panic and rush during senior year, it whizzes by. This is the time to enjoy your final year, finish your college stuff (or whatever post-secondary choice you’ve made), and live.

Don’t give in to time pressure

Although it may feel like you’re running out of time, I promise you you’re not. These years are the ones you want to remember. Besides, who says you need to go to college right after high school anyway? It’s becoming increasingly popular for kids to take a year off to better prepare, or save more money before moving away for school. I personally started school almost a year after I graduated high school and I enjoyed that time I had with my family and my job.

So who knows where the road will take you? I didn’t know where mine would take me, and I still was able to follow my goal. The right path is the one you are able to find happiness on while achieving the bigger goal.

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