In the Right Place, Despite a Change in Plans

By Faith Jones on June 26, 2013
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Amityville, N.Y. Hometown: Warner Robins, Ga.

“Am I in the right place for me?” is the one question I always ask myself. My plans have changed from what they were in the beginning. After high school, I had planned to attend college; I never planned to be in New York and start late.

Even though I have had to make this decision, I think I have made the best of it. I have gained work experience, and learned more about what I plan to major in, when I do attend college this spring. I am going to attend Nassau Community College, where I plan to stay for a year then transfer to a four-year college. Decisions on what I plan to major in have not yet been made.

I think any decision that affects your future should be well thought about and made only by you; because the outcome affects mainly you. Make decisions that you can look back on and say, “This is why I did this, and this is what it has done for me.” When making decisions that have an impact on your life, make sure that they are ones you’re proud to live with.

This decision was a good one
Thinking back, there is really nothing I would want to change. I am happy with the decision I made to start late. There are many times I would say I would do things differently, but with the decision to postpone college I feel I made the best choice.

So in conclusion I am happy with the way things turned out, due to the decisions I made. Right now, if I had to answer the question of whether I am in the right place for me I, would answer by saying yes.

Know yourself

Moving to New York and postponing college has been a decision that I have learned a lot from. I have made the choice to still attend college, even though I am starting late. At the time I had no idea we were going to move so suddenly. I chose to start late, rather than not starting at all; it was a decision that was best for me. I had a positive outlook on a decision many people face, and I am proud of my decision to still start this spring. So yes, right now I am in the best place for me with the decisions I made.

Affording college
Some advice to high school students: If you are not financially fit, apply for all scholarships, grants, loans and make sure you apply for financial aid, because college is a huge expense. Another reason I am satisfied I am starting college a little late is because I now have a job, which can help me financially. I also plan to keep a part-time job while I am attending college.

Not all parents can fully afford for their child to go to college, but that shouldn’t be a reason you don’t go. Not all students can afford to attend college either, but there are always little things that help, which you could find out from a school counselor. When I finished high school, I didn’t take advantage of the things I needed to in order to start college on time.

It would have been a struggle for me, now looking back, if I had started on time. I would have not been with family, so I wouldn’t have had much help either. Now I feel more prepared to start college; I feel it will be

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