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By Nicholas Bowens on July 21, 2014
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It still seems unreal to me that I am actually out of high school. I definitely wasn’t prepared for what I thought would be so simple and easy. I made a lot of costly mistakes early into high school, to the point where I would constantly find myself having to work twice as hard just to catch up.

My biggest problem was I sort of took my knowledge for granted. I was smart enough to do all the work I was given, yet I would only do what was required, simply the bare minimum. Anything extra to me was being an overachiever, which wasn’t “cool.”

Time is not a renewable resource
A key factor to always remember is time. It is the single most important entity you will ever have throughout your high school life because you can’t get it back. Make your life a lot easier by planning your daily course of action out early. Scheduling your week is very helpful; do it and, of course, stick to it!

Sometimes we lose track of our goals chasing a dream. Don’t cut yourself short by not putting your priorities first. Be realistic and allot an ample amount of time for studying, homework, your job if you have one and some good relaxation.

As you enter this year don’t try to rush anything; there’s a time and reason for all. Find out what all your school has to offer from clubs, extracurricular activities, programs, and service projects.

Make life easier by handling business first
My brain is sort of wired to believe I can just push things off if I have free time. In the end I would frequently forget about whatever the assignment or task was until it was too late. Don’t make the same costly mistake; I know it’s so hard to get out of that hole.

If you handle your business first, you will find high school and life to be a lot easier. It will take lots of energy and patience, and at times you will feel you never get a break or you never come out on top. But don’t let that stop you from putting forth your best effort.

Let’s be honest, nothing in life is easy, not even giving up. Work hard, go the extra mile, set the example for all your peers, and the results will always be positive.

Yes, mentors and role models do help
Your biggest assets are your mentors and role models. When you have someone who is a positive person in your life, it can only help. This is something that, until my senior year of high school, I thought was one of the dumbest ideas in the world.

How could having one more adult looking over me really help anything? I learned that it definitely could. I got so involved with successful adults that I even got the opportunity to speak on a panel at Washington University here in St. Louis in front of doctors, attorneys, business owners and many more successful people.

Now when I need references I don’t worry about having to find one. We are in the networking generation: It’s not necessarily what you know, it’s who you know. Get out and go join those clubs you think might not be something you would like, I guarantee you that you won’t regret it.

Behavior now affects future choices
Before you know it, this year will be over and you are even closer to joining the work force or getting a post-secondary education.
Don’t think you have to prove anything this year; in reality, you’re only unproven if you think you’re unproven. Do good at all times, and work hard even if nobody notices. All the good and bad choices you make now will directly affect your future choices.

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