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By Matt Andrews on December 20, 2013
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TITLE: Help with studies: Khan Academy and InstaEdu
CONTENT AREA: Prepare for Your Path


3-1: Students prepare academically to transition to life after high school. This includes preparation in Common Core standard-based academics in mathematical and logical reasoning.


• Read a short article about tutoring and online lessons
• Visit online tutoring site InstaEdu
• Take an online math pre-test at Khan Academy

This article introduces students to Khan Academy for learning mathematics. Find further explanation of Common Core applications at Khan Academy at https://www.khanacademy.org/commoncore.


This lesson aligns with the following American School Counselor Association Personal/Social Development and Career Development Standards:
  • A:A1 Improve academic self-concept
  • A:A2 Acquire skills for improving learning


This lesson has students use Khan Academy: https://www.khanacademy.org.
Instructors will want to create their own account to access the online learning at Khan Academy.
The lesson also suggests students visit InstaEdu: http://instaedu.com/, and recommends students do not register at school for InstaEdu because it requires a credit card for free trial.
Khan Academy is free, and students may register with Facebook, Google, or with new information. Instructors should test the registration process on the computers to be used for the lesson.

This lesson requires access to the Internet, specifically, https://www.khanacademy.org. Test this access prior to use.


The goal of this lesson is for students to use Khan Academy to assess and refine their math skills for the class period.
Instructors may remind students of laptop or computer lab policies.

Login to MyStudentPath.com or distribute copies of Student Paths and read article (5 minutes):
Write or post instructions for students to log into MyStudentPath.com, and read the article “Need Help with Your Studies?” Allow students to settle into class and read additional articles until the whole class has read the article.

Visit online tutoring website InstaEdu (5 minutes)
Instruct the students to visit the website: http://instaedu.com/
They should not create an account at this time because it requires a credit card for free trial. Take this opportunity to search for tutors by subject and browse the site. The goal of this task is simply to show students the kind of tutoring that is available online.

Take math pre-test and start learning at Khan Academy (20 minutes)
Instruct each student to register for an account and complete a math pre-test at Khan Academy: https://www.khanacademy.org.
Once students unlock the next set of tasks by completing the pre-test, they will have access to short math lessons suited to their ability.
Instructors should walk around the room to monitor student progress and encourage completion of tasks. This time is for students to work independently, and the room may be silent, as during a test.

Conclude the lesson by reminding students to logout of mystudentpath and Khan Academy.


If instructors are interested in computer adaptive assessments, check out the labs at Khan Academy: http://www.khanacademy.org/labs

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