Long To-Do List Leaves no Room for Senioritis

By Jenna Hubaishy on July 21, 2014
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The famed senioritis is already beginning to spiral through my thoughts. As I make list upon list of things I need to get done, I find myself succumbing to distractions. Three years of working hard and turning down social events can take its toll on the average teen, but why quit now? My senior year is going to be so packed with classes and college prep that my motivation needs to be jolted to the highest levels possible.

Important year requires a good start
Just like every other year of high school, I am hoping to gain new friends, new experiences and new perspectives but what is it that makes senior year different? It’s when important decisions are made, childhood ends, and an important chapter of my life begins.

I have set goals for this year to ensure that I have the best start I can. They include preparing for college, taking my ACT for the final time, and making sure I continue to work hard. My to-do list mostly surrounds preparing a resume for my teachers and counselors to request recommendations. I hope to be done with all of my college preparations by spring break.

Scholarships are also a huge part of my to-do list. When I went on one of my university visits, a recruiter said that if you invest two Saturdays applying for scholarships you will be surprised how many you would qualify for. So I am planning on doing just that. I have a bit of anxiety when thoughts of college surface and I have to face the actuality of one of the biggest changes of my life; I have high hopes for the future and feel like senior year can really make a difference.

Not focusing on possible rejection
I try not to think too much about the possibility of not getting into my top school, but it’s an option that I have to face. In that case, I’ve got other schools to fall back on. I am not going to focus on being rejected; it’s such an exciting time of my life so I’m going to look forward to whatever comes my way and be excited about the future. What is most important for this school year is to enjoy every moment and take advantage of this time to bring my senior year and high school career to a positive close.

I know that whatever I end up doing after high school will be the right fit for me and I try not to dwell on the possibility of making a decision I won’t like in the future. The transition after high school will be difficult but I think I will be ready for it. I am excited to be on my own and start life as an adult but also scared. I have come a long way to reach this point, and I plan on enjoying it.

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