Looking Forward to Great Grades and Good Times

By Alyece Johnson on July 21, 2014
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There are plenty of things I’m hoping to get out of this school year. I’m excited about senior year! When I looked at all the past seniors they looked like they’ve had so much fun and I want to experience all of that, too. That mini feeling of being the “Top of the School.” I’m scared because I know it’s my final year and I want to do extremely well but also enjoy myself. I want to accomplish having great grades in my regular classes and in the college classes I’m taking.

Life after graduation
I want to stay in Minnesota for college, but then again I want to leave the state and see other things. I really would enjoy going to college in Miami, FL (Barry University) or Atlanta, GA (Clark Atlanta University). I can’t decide what I want to major in; the three I have picked out are; Dental Hygienist, Political Science (Law), and Computer Sciences. My goals are to visit those two colleges and other surrounding colleges nearby just so I can check them out and open my options.

I think my main struggle with this college selection is talking to my parents about it because even though they’re open-minded they’re really only concerned with the financial part. They listen to my opinions and ideas about how I want to go out of state, but they both like the idea of me staying in Minnesota and getting a two-year degree at a community college.

Changing my mind
At first I was open to that suggestion and it didn’t sound too bad but the more I thought about it, the more I changed my mind. I’ve changed my mind so many times about what I want to do after high school. Now I’ve narrowed it down that I want to join the Navy or/and go to a college down South (or in that area anyway).

My mom is skeptical about the going to college down South as I wouldn’t be allowed in-state tuition and she wants me to go to an affordable college; which I definitely understand, it’s just I want to go to a college that interests me and offers at least one of the majors I want. My mom and I still have to discuss everything, and I plan on showing her the colleges I have researched and explaining to her why I picked them. I hope to be able to find scholarships. I also plan on filling out FAFSA and getting any types of financial aid that I can. I really am excited for my senior year!

I will consider my senior year a success if I can pass all my classes, with no failures, still manage to have fun and experience all the high school experiences I can and figure out what I want to do after high school.

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