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By Annmarie Stewart on September 07, 2013
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Hi! My name is Annmarie Stewart, and I go to Black Hawk High School in the little town of South Wayne, Wisconsin. However I was born in Skokie, Illinois.

I moved here when I was three and I’ve lived here ever since. When I was in middle school, I heard about many good times in high school from my older siblings and it’s exciting now that I, too, am in high school!

I’m most excited about driving, volunteering at concession stands to raise money for prom, new class experiences and subjects in school. However, I’m not without fear.

I’m scared about the harder subjects and tests, and most of all the PSAT, SAT, and AP exams. We all experience a moment of anxiety just at the word “exams,” but studying, and staying focused and positive will bring us success!

My goals for the year

What do I want to accomplish? Passing my tests and quizzes, getting good grades, maybe even getting the student of the month award!

Good grades reflect how well you did in school and colleges do look at that. Not to mention the jobs out there. Good grades mean good life ahead!

After high school, I plan to get a job, pay for a car, apply to UW Madison and start my journey to becoming a veterinarian! During those college years, I plan on getting a job in the food business, like a waitress. It’s the kind of job I feel I would enjoy.

Excited but scared

My future is bright, and I feel fantastic about it! My goal is to apply to many good colleges as it’s good to keep your options open. But life is hard, and I’m even struggling with the fear of going into the world and becoming an adult.

We all are so used to depending on our parents for everything that going out into the world as independent adults is scary. But our parents and schoolteachers have taught us all to be strong and shoot for the careers and jobs we dream about, whether it’s taking over a family business or working as a doctor in a big hospital. We all want to be happy, and I say go for it!

Career concerns

I want to be a vet, but one thing I’m struggling with is the fear of blood. Vets do many surgeries and have to deal with the sight of blood, but it makes me feel lightheaded.

People say that I’ll get over it, and I’m hoping they’re right! If I’m going to make a difference in animals’ lives I have to be strong! Positive attitudes go a long way.

High school is a wonderful experience, and working hard is going to pay off in the future.

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Annmarie Stewart

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