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By Rachel Dybicki on September 15, 2013
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Choosing a college is never an easy decision. It took me six university applications, numerous scholarship forms and figuring out which campus I liked the best before I could even start to pinpoint my decision.

What you have to realize is it is all about what makes you happy and what can best satisfy your major or minor. Many students have no idea what they are going to school for so one of the most important factors in picking the perfect college or university is to make sure it is a well rounded institution and offers a variety of classes.

A great decision 

Central Michigan University was one of the best possible decisions I could have made for my future. This school was the epitome of everything I have ever wanted.

As a very optimistic person who has strong education values, Central encompasses everything I could ask for. When I walk down the sidewalk to class I constantly see smiling, happy faces that make me feel at home.

Every time I walk into any of my five classes there is always a fun and educational atmosphere. I work better in the college classroom than the high school classroom, and that is a huge difference for me. I’m inspired every day to work my hardest because of the people I am constantly surrounded by.

One of my favorite things to do is get involved and in Mount Pleasant, I have no problem doing so. I have been lucky enough to get involved with the campus newspaper, Central Michigan Life, as a staff reporter helping me gain journalism experience. I am the volunteer chair in my hall council, and by doing that I get to help out with many different activities and people.

Another thing the Central Michigan University Volunteer center offers are alternative breaks. Over winter or spring break you can go to different parts of the United States or even the world. I luckily get to go on both a winter and spring alternative break helping with survivors of aggression and education.

All of these different opportunities available to me make my experience here even more enjoyable. Every single time I add something new to my list I feel passionate about, it makes me realize what a great decision I made.

At the beginning of my senior year at Belleville High School, I was so unsure about what I wanted to do or where I wanted to go. It became more and more clear to me every time I made a visit to Central Michigan University to visit friends or for different leadership camps. I instantly fell in love with the campus and the constant positive attitude.

Central is known as one of the biggest universities for leadership and the freshmen transition programs. The biggest focus here is getting everyone involved and actually giving people the chance to do so.

A few suggestions 

One of the big things you need to focus on when choosing a college is actually visiting it. If you decide to go some place you haven’t yet visited, there is a huge chance you may not even like it. Each campus is different, so it is important to make sure you like it before you attend.

Make sure you start looking at your options now. Before you know it, it may be too late.

Find the place that best suits all of your activities and interests. Once you find that place, make sure to look into scholarships, finish your application and turn it in.

You never know what options are out there unless you take the time to look around. The more you look around, the better chance you have of finding a college or university that will make you happy and inspire you to succeed.

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Rachel Dybicki

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