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By Marisa Berti on March 04, 2014
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It’s hard to believe that my junior year of college is almost ending and that I will be a senior in the fall. My junior year has been very exciting, and I have learned so much in just one year. More specifically, the things that I have learned revolve around my major, my career interests, and my amazing friends.

As a psychology major, I have always loved the abundance of interesting courses that psychology majors can take. In addition to taking these courses, I also want to go that extra step and take up a few minors. One of my minors is education, where I learn what it means to be an instructor in an educational setting.

I have also decided that I possibly want to take up a minor in management. I feel that the skills you learn in business courses can be applied to any real-world setting because a lot of them involve working with others, which is what I see myself doing some day. Therefore, I want to expand my horizons and leave college with knowledge in a variety of studies.

Identifying strengths and career possibilities

Being a junior means that I need to start deciding what I want to do once I graduate from college. While this process seems scary, my family and friends have helped me identify my true strengths and positive qualities that can turn into potential careers. That is when I decided, with the help of my family, that I want to look into the world of human resource management.

My family also helped me get in contact with people who are involved in this field. I was given the opportunity to have phone conversations and ask how these people decided to pursue a career in human resource management and also what they do in this field. I am also learning more about this field in my human resource management course this semester. My experience has taught me that your family is always going to help you when you need it, and also that reaching out to others for career advice is both essential and exciting.

Staying in touch

In regard to my friends, the biggest lesson that I have learned is that it is so important to stay in contact with your friends at all times, whether you are on campus or at home for vacation. Since most of my college friends live in other states, I always make time to see them as much as possible.

Although it may not seem like it, college goes by very quickly. One second I am attending orientation, and the next I am sitting down with my friends trying to decide what we all plan on doing after college. One person in particular, who is really special to me, will be working full-time in Pennsylvania this fall. Therefore, I am also learning that rather than saying goodbye, I will be saying “See you later,” because despite the distance, I know that we will make every effort possible to see each other.

My plans for the summer:  I will be interning full-time at Target as a stores executive intern. While I am waiting to see what exactly I will be doing, there are still goals that I have for myself. One is that I hope to learn what Target’s mission is and how I can strive to achieve that mission. In addition, I hope to learn more about the world of human resource management and see what it is like to live a day in the life of a human resource manager.

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Marisa Berti

Marisa Berti

Assumption College, Worcester, Mass.
Hometown: West Haven, Conn.

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