Making Every Moment Count

By Remy Millman on June 14, 2013
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Dear fellow high school students,

High school has been a great time for me, both in and out of school, but like all good things it must come to an end. I, like many of you, must now think about life after high school. While I still do not know which college I will attend, I have a better idea about where I’ll be next year than I did even a few months ago. The second half of senior year is not only a time to learn about your academic subjects, but it is also a time to learn more about yourself.

Waiting Period

After the college application process, there is a lot of waiting for a high school senior. For many, that can be nerve-racking. The way I see it is that, once your applications are in, there is no way you can affect the college’s decision. In the waiting period, rather than sit around worrying about whether or not you got into a certain college, you should go out and enjoy yourself during the last few months you’re a high school student.

Working Hard Senior Year

One part of fully completing the high school experience is to continue to put work into your classes at school. The myth about senior year is that after you have applied to college your grades don’t matter. Some colleges require a copy of your final transcript for admission confirmation and AP exams are important for placement testing, but those are not the only reasons to work hard in the final few months. I am committed to my schoolwork still because I want to learn everything I can in high school.

I believe that what I learn now can help form my academic interests for college and lead me down the path I will go in the future. For example, I have become very interested in physics throughout my high school career and I am using my last months of high school to learn all the physics I can. This will give me a good background for college and enable me to continue learning physics at the next level.

Bonding with Classmates

I also believe that the end of high school is a time to bond with classmates. I have made some great friends in my high school days and I do not want to lose touch with them. After high school, my friendships will certainly be different because I won’t see my friends every day. For this reason, I will try my hardest to enjoy every minute I have with them now.

Learning and Friendships

There are so many things to be done in such a short time with my remaining high school days. I will try to make every moment count, both in my classes and with my friends. I hope that the material I learn and the friendships I have made will stay with me for the rest of my life. Although you might not think there is much time left, it is important to remember that every moment counts.

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