Making New Friends, Good Choices - and Memories!

By Samantha Ickes on July 21, 2014
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I’m really looking forward to this year and the memories I’m going to make along the way. There are so many things I would like to get out of my last year of high school. I want to get the best education I can before heading off to college.

There are the academic things that I want to get out of this school year like great scholarships, an excellent AP score, and straight As, but what I really want are memories that will last a lifetime. While I can’t forget that senior year is an important year for academics, it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be enjoyed. I want to get long-lasting friendships and enjoy myself.

Trying some new things
I plan to do as many extracurricular activities as I can. I’m going to be in the marching band, the fall play, the musical, and a variety of clubs. I’m really looking forward to the drama productions. A piece of advice: If you’re a senior, I highly recommend going out for something you haven’t yet but have always wanted to. If you don’t go for it, you’ll always wonder what if I had?

I usually set my goals pretty high for myself, but for this year, I just want to do my best. Senior year will be stressful enough without me pressuring myself. As long as I know I’ve tried my best, I didn’t fail. I’m taking my first AP class this year, so one goal is to pass the test to earn college credit. I also want to get a higher score on my ACT.

Personal goals: Make a new friend, and better habits
One personal goal is to get more comfortable with talking to new people. I’m not a shy person, but I’d rather not talk to new people if I don’t have to. Next year when I go to college, there will be all sorts of new people.

My best friend is planning on going to a college four hours away from the one I plan to attend. If I improve my communication skills, college life will be so much easier. So one goal I have for myself is to make a new friend. I also need to work on procrastination. It’s so easy to get caught up hanging out with friends or even just relaxing. “Oh, I’ll do that report later. I have two weeks left. I just don’t feel like doing it right now.” Two weeks later … Crap! Then comes the rushed report, which isn’t as good as a report done early and proofread.

So overall, I want to make memories, to look back and smile at the good times I had and not just remember all the studying and cramming. Everyone needs to find a balance between academics and social life. I will do my best and not be afraid to meet new people. Look out, senior year, here I come!

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