Making Plans A, B, and C

By Jose Rosales on June 25, 2013
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Curie Metropolitan High School
Chicago, Ill.

As a senior, my main priority is to have a plan for after graduating high school. I want to go to college; I want to get into architecture, engineering and music. I need to find the college or university that suits me.

College is expensive, so I need some source of money. I have applied to scholarships already, yet again not enough. I am competing against lots of students for that free money out there. I am trying my best and working nonstop. I have to have a plan A, a plan B and a plan C; this is what I am most concerned and worried about to date.

Attending dream schools requires scholarships
My supreme goal would be to get a full-ride scholarship or various scholarships to pay for my tuition and enter Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) and take classes at their neighbor college VanderCook. For me to succeed with this goal, fi rst I have to apply to as many scholarships as I can and work on their qualifi cations.

Second, I need to apply to IIT and VanderCook and meet their qualifications. I feel like I am in a position that millions of other students are in, which makes me nervous and unconfident about my success. I know that through IIT, I would get the opportunity to study architecture up to a Master’s degree. Maybe engineering will follow with the basic; I am not sure how it works in college. In VanderCook I would have the privilege of following up with my dreams of being a musician, and someday maybe a teacher.

Alternatives are community college, year at work
My direct goal would be to start out in a community college and get a part-time job to pay for my tuition, then work up to a university. This helps me in the long run because I have time to think about my life and what I want to do with it. But I will have trouble between jobs, I won’t be comfortable and I will have to be lucky to get what I want. Harold Washington College would be the best choice for me; there I will get the chance of studying architecture and engineering as well as other courses of my choice. Yet, I will lose my dream of becoming a musician.

My safety goal involves taking a year off and getting into my mom’s business. This is something I really do not want to do because not only will I have trouble financially, I will completely lose track of what being a student is.

Life is not always fair. The only advantage in this section would be that if I work hard and advance in the business, I will not have to worry about money anymore. Yet, I will lose my student life, and I will lose out on my dreams.

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