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By Anjelica Enaje on September 13, 2013
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Fellow students,

As you read this, I will be preparing to exit the doors of my high school, feeling a sense of accomplishment that I survived those four years! Despite the challenges and obstacles, I learned many lessons that helped me become the person I am today. And, as my duty as a senior, I am going to offer my advice to all of you for next year and beyond.

As a freshman, I did not take my studies seriously (most people who know me would find this hard to believe). It took me a long time to realize how huge of a mistake I made three years ago because I had a lot of time to find myself in high school.

My advice to all of you, especially current and incoming freshmen, is to not rush into things. At this stage, you have a lot of time to figure out where you are in life; it’s the process that is most memorable and educational. Concentrate on your grades while you’re still ahead of the game because, in the long run, you will be glad to have focused on academics above everything else.

I consider sophomore year my best in high school because that was when I learned to pick up the pace on my studies. My A.P. biology teacher was the one who encouraged me to hit the books, and building an effective work ethic boosted my chances of achieving honor roll.

At that point, I learned that I had the potential to be successful. If you want to prove your own self-worth, dig deep and find the motivation. Prove those wrong who thought you couldn’t make it.

Despite the accomplishments made as a 10th grader, I faced a downfall during my junior year when the work became intense and difficult. Yes, it’s possible to lack sleep or procrastinate, but you have to realize that every step you take will affect your chances of getting into college or any other post-secondary option.

It’s a daunting thought, but take it from someone who waited until the last minute to establish these plans. You might be disappointed that you could’ve done better if you did it the first time the opportunity was given to you. Learn from these mistakes and make the best out of each situation.

Senior year is when everything felt like it fell into place, but you’re also not quite there yet. First, you have to get those college applications done as soon as possible. But make sure that you have narrowed down the list of prospective colleges, getting all the information you need to assure yourself that they are potentially a fit.

It’s also important to meet deadlines with any applications, scholarships, and financial aid because it’s easy to just miss those dates due to other activities. If you know that some things take only a few minutes to get done, do those first.

And, finally, make sure to not succumb to “senioritis”; it is no joke that colleges will actually look at senior year grades because they want to make sure that you are willing to continue your hard work and dedication to make it to the next level.

With all this talk about school and work, I’ll leave this final piece of advice to everyone from Hamlet: “To thine ownself be true.” Remember that all you are doing right now is for yourself.

I wish you all good luck with your dreams and, to the Class of 2011, be proud in making it this far.


Anjelica E.

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