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By Antonio Robinson on September 13, 2013
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Dear fellow students,

As you should all know by now, high school is a place to make friends, develop your knowledge, and be a part of a team. However, as you become upperclassmen, the objective changes.

You will realize that the key to making your high school years successful will be whether or not you prepared yourself for life after high school. It is easy to fall down due to the enormous pressure placed on seniors and juniors, but the true mark of a diligent student is to see whether or not he or she shrugged off the stress and got back up.

Therefore, the most important advice I could give to my fellow students would be to set aside time and get the process done early. By devising a plan to attack the meat and potatoes of the post-high school process (SATs and college applications), you can focus on the other aspects of high school life later.

In fact, with most colleges offering additional scholarships to applicants who have all their materials turned in by the early decision deadline, it is a no-brainer as to what your goal should be. Now more than ever you should reach out to your school counselors so that they can help you decide if you are on the right track.

Plus, depending on the size of your school, you must factor in the array of other students who will be filing for the same sort of help that you need. Meeting the requirements of the colleges you wish to attend can be difficult; but, if you do not set aside the time to get it done, visit the colleges, talk with admissions representatives, etc., you will surely regret it in the long run.

Whether or not you plan on going to college, it is important to consider the choices you make outside of school. For example, most jobs right out of high school still expect to see that you have an understanding of what it takes to meet expectations.

Employers do not put up with lateness, disorderly conduct and bad performance the same way that many schools do. Also drinking, doing drugs, and partying whenever you want to is no longer an option thanks to mandatory drug tests and less flexibility when it comes to hours. The military is no different.

It is true that high school is just a stepping stone into the “real world,” but it is a very important one and the transition is far from easy. Developing relationships, learning the essential high school material, and increasing your participation in some type of team activity is just one way to look at the role of a high school education.

The experience as a whole will be judged not by the piece of paper which you obtain at the end of the year; but instead by the opportunities you create for yourself after high school. It is important to realize that high school might give us a lesson in order to prepare ourselves for a test.

“Real life,” on the other hand, will just give us a test that teaches us some very important lessons.

 Sincerely yours,

Antonio D. Robinson

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