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By Maia Castillo on September 13, 2013
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Dear fellow students,

As a senior with two jobs, struggling to decide where to go to school, and contemplating what direction my relationship with my boyfriend will go, I have more insight on the entire transition to life after high school than ever before.

The most surprising thing is that daunting tasks like taking my SAT and ACT have been much simpler than I expected, and what has really been the most difficult has been my struggles with making decisions.

Once you reach your senior year, you can’t change everything to get what you want. You have to take what you have done throughout high school and make what you can out of it. And don’t think less of yourself just because what you want may not be what the “norm” wants.

Where you end up going to college really depends on who you are. You can’t think that because you aren’t good enough to make it into your dream school, college will not be as beneficial for you. Why would you want to get accepted to a school where the coursework will be so difficult you will end up failing all your classes anyways?

What matters in the end is not where you went to school but how well you performed while you were there. Does your future employer want to hire you because you had a 2.0 GPA at Harvard or a 3.8 GPA at your local college?

Difficult decisions

This whole year I have been wondering when I see couples in the hallway, “Are they going to the same school? Or do they just plan on breaking up the last day of summer? How does that work?” I have not really asked around too much, but I know of several people in the past who have simply cut it off for the fact that they are just moving in different directions in their lives, and when you are a teenager that can sometimes not make a whole lot of sense.

Honestly, I do not think I am anywhere close to having all the knowledge an adult has about life’s situations. The hardest pill you will probably swallow as a teen is that, yes, your elders were usually right.

They are not necessarily always right, but it is amazing when you face tough situations and realize that pretty much every adult you know has probably cried their eyes out just like you, only a hundred times more.

I still have time to make my decisions and so do you, but ultimately the decisions you will make your senior year are not easy, and if they are too easy you could be making the wrong decision. In the end determine what you will do based on YOU.

Think all of your options through, and if someone else is influencing your decision, do not do it; make your decisions based solely on what you want. Yes there is always time to fix things, but why go back if you don’t have to?

Try to live your life according to you and make your high school years the best you can possibly make them, and if it doesn’t work out you will always have tomorrow.

Maia Castillo

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Maia Castillo

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