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By Makenzie Thiel on September 13, 2013
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I thought I knew everything when I first walked in the doors of my high school four years ago, but I learned quickly that I was wrong. Starting high school is just like starting anything else: new, scary, exciting, and so much more.

A lot can go on while you’re in high school, but what happens when those four years are over? Where are you supposed go? What are you supposed to do? That’s the tricky part.

Although you don’t need to have every moment of your life planned out, it is important to start thinking about what you may want to do after finishing high school. For me, I want to go to college and further my education, but that may not be for everyone.

If you are like me and plan on going to college after high school, and don’t want to make the process any harder than it has to be, then here is some helpful advice:

Take your time.

You will start the application process at the beginning of your senior year, and as much as you will want to get your application into your top choice’s admissions office before everyone else, it’s important that you slow down and fill out your application correctly.

If someone is willing to help, let them.

When I first began the application process, I felt that I could do everything on my own. I was so wrong.

Whether it’s your parents, teachers or anyone else, if they can help, let them. You will be stressed out, and that’s when mistakes are made. Take it from me, let someone help.

Give 100 percent.

Although it is senior year, colleges will still look at your grades. After working so hard for the past three years, you definitely don’t want your last to ruin your chance of getting into your first choice school. Trying your best will look good in the admissions office’s eyes, so don’t blow it the last year.

When I started my application process in September, I really wish I had someone who had told me this before. Although I may not have fully understood anyway, it could have caused a lot less stress.

When you finally finish filling out applications, it is like a breath of fresh air; the first step is finished, but you’re nowhere near done. Heading off to college entails so much, not just filling out applications.

In the end, though, it will all be worth the stress and headaches. You will be heading off to college! When your first acceptance letter comes in the mail, you will realize that everything was worth it.

So far, I’ve been accepted into several schools, but I don’t know where I’ll wind up next year. All I know is that I’ve come a long way from my first day of high school and, honestly, I cannot wait until next year when I can start my first day of college.

I think that will be the feeling that will make everything worth it.

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