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By Stephanie Schmidt on September 13, 2013
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When my little sister Ashley was about to start high school, four friends and I made her The Guide, a little “how-to” booklet on surviving high school. I thought of making it because I remembered how overwhelmed I was when I began high school back in the fall of 2007 and, after reading through it again, I realized how helpful some of this stuff would be in my transition from high school to college.

The advice that my friends and I compiled ranged from “friendships” to “general survival,” and I would like to share some with my “devoted” readers.

Never believe all the things you hear about a teacher; they are just opinions-not facts.

This has proven true throughout the years for me. Some of my favorite teachers have been the ones that are spoken badly about in the halls.

A successful school experience is all about avoiding pre-conceived perceptions, and this is true with more than just teachers. I cannot tell you how many times a friend of mine refuses to become friends or go out with someone just because of things they have heard from someone else.

Just plain stupid if you ask me. One of my best gal pals was always complained about by my other friends freshman year, yet I would not trade her for the world.

Challenge authority only when you have a valid opinion of your own.

If you honestly and truly believe something is warped within the system, or your teacher just doesn’t have his or her facts straight, then speak up! However, if challenging authority means skipping school because you do not want to be held down by “The Man,” then I would not recommend it.

Sure, you can be a rebel, but having no formal education will end up making you a slave to the government and its welfare programs in the long run.

Find the greasiest, nerdiest, biggest guy in school and make friends with him.

This is my favorite of the gems and was one friend’s unconventional way of saying “don’t judge a book by its cover.” These are the friends who will accept you for who you are because you are accepting them for who they are.

Like my best guy friend who has a twelve-foot long rope of Starburst wrappers -- but hey, I don’t judge.

Remember that deadlines start now.

All those fancy colleges will have their final applications due by winter break, so do not procrastinate.

Don’t dwell on drama.

Drama is stupid; even the word “drama” is. I mean, come on, it has two a’s in it, and you know what other word has two a’s? “Assassin,” and drama will be the assassin of your senior year if you let it.

Don’t let senioritis take over.

Class rank is decided by the end of first semester, and you should already be into your preferred college. However, that college is going to request your final transcript and they can take back your acceptance.

College (and high school) is a time to really become the person you want to be. It is also a time when you are vulnerable and easily molded into what someone else wants you to be. Don’t give in, be yourself.

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