My Transition to Life After High School

By Faith Jones on September 02, 2013
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Since high school is over, there are always things graduates feel they should have done differently. Whether it is making better grades, or how they dealt with the people and situations that surrounded them, there’s always something they wish to change.

Looking back on your past there are also questions you wish you had the answers to. Like making the right choices after high school such as whether to get a job and start late so you can afford college or start right on time.

In this article I hope I can help you make the right choices for yourself by sharing my experiences.

My first three questions I had when I graduated high school were: Did I choose the best post-secondary path? Am I in the right place for me? And third, why did I make this decision I did at this time?

When I graduated my plan was to attend college, but because I had not filled out enough applications for scholarships, grants and loans, I was not financially fit to start right away.

Now my plans are to start college next fall and, even though my plans have changed, the outcome of going to college has not.

So if I am asked if I’m satisfied with my post-secondary path, I would say yes.

Even though I’m starting college a year late, it doesn’t give me a reason to never start and it is right for me in the long run.

Am I in the right place for me? I would answer that by saying yes. I’m in the best place I can be at the time because it fits my needs.

The next two questions are: Has anything changed since then? And, would I do anything differently?

In life things always change from what you have planned. In August, we moved from Georgia to New York. That meant I would have to re-look and re-apply to colleges. Even though I moved to New York, I still plan to attend college this fall. So yes, even though life brings forth changes, I will not let it affect my decision to go to college and be successful in life.

Are there things I wish I would have done differently?

In life we all wish we could hit that redo button and have things the way we want them. So yes, there are things I wish I could redo.

I wish I could have the chance to re-apply for scholarships that were offered in school so it would be easier to attend college sooner. I would have also tried to maintain a higher GPA during high school so my range of colleges could have been bigger.

There are things we all wish we could do over, but I won’t let my mistakes affect what I want to do now. And you shouldn’t either.

I hope my experiences help you to answer the questions you may have in high school.

Make the best of your high school years because you only get one chance to experience it. Have fun and don’t forget to enjoy it.

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