Navigating the Troubled Waters of High School

By Blake Horton on June 14, 2013
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My plans for next year are: Go to college and start working on my Associates degree in American Sign Language. While going to school, I’m hoping to be working as a Certified Nursing Assistant part-time to help with expenses.

To my fellow classmates

My years in high school have been one heck of an experience. It hasn’t always been good, but that’s part of every normal teenage experience. Now a senior, I wish there were a few things I would have known ahead of time.

Treat Your Teachers Well

Don’t take advantage of your teachers because they might not always act like it, but you’re their child for that day. Most people don’t realize what they go through with us teens. We don’t make it easy for them.

You have to think about it from their perspective: They have taught you for four years, seen you in the hallway every day and, oftentimes, said hello. Don’t you think they want you to do your best? And see you achieve a life of prosperity? And, if that doesn’t happen, don’t you think they would ask “Where could I have helped made a difference in his life?”

If you have problems at home, tell a teacher whom you think will be there for you. For the last three years, I’ve had one teacher who I told everything to about what happened with my family. She is my step-in-mom. I love her to death. And I know if I ever needed her for anything she would be the first one there in her “speed wagon.”

Treat Your Parents Well

Treat your parents with the utmost respect. I know that you might not always get along with them but, in the end, they are the ones who have your back through any obstacle course that heads your way.

Ignore Gossips

Never let drama take over your life. There will always be someone to talk about you no matter where you go. A very good friend always says, “I’d rather have people talk about me behind my back than to my face,” and I’m like “Why?” Then I realized “Why not?” I have more respect for them that way because they’re not stupid enough to say it to my face and cause trouble. Let them tell whomever they want. I don’t have to prove anything to anyone other than God; HE will judge me in the end.

Relationships Can Wait

And, as for relationships, I couldn’t tell you. I’ve talked to plenty of guys, but I’d rather not have a relationship while in high school because it always interferes with my studies and the plans I have for my future. I don’t know who I’m going to be with a year from now. And I couldn’t care less because I want to know that I’m able to depend on myself and not a guy.

Enjoy High School

Take advantage of every dance, football game, basketball game or baseball game that comes your way. Go with a group of friends, make signs and show support for your team because it creates the most precious thing ever Ð memories. Try to get along with everybody.

I hope each and every one who reads this grows in life and knows what a difference they can make to somebody one day.

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Blake Horton

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