No Longer Time to Make Goals, but Complete Them

By Nicholas Bowens on September 07, 2013
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Eleven years of school and yet it seems like just yesterday I was having recess. So many important things going through my mind, this being my last year of high-school. I basically have no more time for error.

I am looking forward to all the challenges of being a senior. Procrastination is no longer an option. It is no longer time for me to be making goals, it is time to complete them.

School always seems to go past so fast. So I only wish I get done with everything I have told myself I would do.

I will try and keep a journal of some sort of my senior year of all the important things I learn. I hope to gain an immense amount of knowledge this year, and it excites me.

My goals

Everyone wants to get into the college of their dreams and the career of their choice, and so do I. In order for me to accomplish that, I compiled three goals that will make it possible.

My first goal is to get out and network, do a good deed and try something new. I know by first-hand experience it is vital to get out and meet people in the workforce, and networking has so many positive effects and builds your “portfolio.”

My second goal for the year is get a job and save as much money as possible. The last thing I want or need to happen is to be held back from starting college because of financial obligations and, judging by how America has been the last few years, the economy will only get worse.

My final major goal I set for myself is to get a 28 or higher on my ACT. Don’t think for a second I won’t take the test again if I do get a 28, I only strive for the best!

Having a successful year

I am part of that dying breed that loves and looks forward to a challenge! Hopefully this year I will get a lot of positive influences surrounding me, making sure I keep my priorities in check, and that I am consistently working on my goals.

Being that I have a high calling within my church, I look to implement what I have learned from that into test taking, studying, work ethic and so much more. One thing I passionately stress year to year is going strong through the first semester of school.

If I don’t, it makes it so much easier to get off-track the second semester. That is the very last thing any college-bound student needs to happen their last few months of high school before college.

Challenges of peer pressure

One thing that I am worried about that might hold me back is my peers. Temptation is so powerful.

Although I believe I have done extremely well dealing with peer pressure, each year brings new experiences, new people, new drama and new problems. So I definitely see myself changing who I associate with in and out of school, helping me stay grounded to reach my highest potential possible.

I want to affect the lives of each and every student that comes in contact with me so this year is filled with positivity. It may sound like way too much to ask for, but it’s definitely not impossible.

Most importantly, I am looking forward to my senior year because it will prepare me for college and then the working world.

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Nicholas Bowens

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