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By Aubreigh Sabbota on March 04, 2014
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My first semester of college was quite the ride.  From immense amounts of homework to being involved on campus, there was never a dull moment. Now that I am in my second semester, I seem to have gotten used to this new lifestyle, but just a little over a month ago, I was frantic as I prepared for final exams. Aside from the anxiety, my first semester was indeed an enjoyable learning experience.

Happy with major and university

At Lawrence Technological University, I am pursuing a degree in English and Communication Arts. I am often asked questions like, “Do you really expect to get a good job with that type of degree?” and “Why would anyone study English at a tech school?” Yes, these questions get old after hearing them constantly; however, I am glad I chose a field that I absolutely love and even more glad I chose a school that makes me feel right at home.  

From the moment I set foot on this campus for a tour during my senior year of high school, I knew I had found my dream college. Although I am a commuter student, I have made many friends here at school, including my fellow members of the Society of Dramatic Arts, an organization I joined during my first semester.

Joining acting group has made a dramatic difference

When I first started college, I was nervous about joining an organization. However, I thought it would be best to combat that nervousness as soon as possible. I decided to step out of my comfort zone and try out for the school play, aware of the fact that I could still join the Society of Dramatic Arts as a stagehand if I did not get an acting part. I was not expecting to receive a role; I simply wanted to try something new.  

After three days of auditions, a cast list was posted on the Society of Dramatic Arts website. When I clicked it, I had the biggest surprise of my life: two roles, both of them significant to the plot of the production.  I was thrilled to see this, but now I had another problem: I would be spending the next 10 weeks rehearsing with people I barely knew.

In the beginning, rehearsals were awkward for me, being the quiet, introverted person that I was prior to spending time with 14 other actors. Most of my fellow cast members were outspoken individuals, not the least bit intimidated by interaction with others. When they tried talking to me, I shied away a bit at first. However, as time went by I started to have conversations with them and eventually made friends.  

Shedding shyness opened door to a new role

Now I consider the other members of this theater group a second family. I look forward to going to rehearsal, knowing I can see them. This semester I am the assistant director of the school play. I would not have this position if I had not come out of my shell during the first semester, something that would not have been possible on my own.

I am ultimately pleased with how my first semester of college went.  So far, the second semester is off to an equally good start. I look forward to three more years of fun at Lawrence Technological University.

My plans for the summer: This summer, I hope to do some traveling. I did a bit of traveling last summer and I enjoyed it greatly. I would especially love to travel to Toronto; although I have only been there three times, I consider it my second home.

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