Preparation is the Recipe for Success

By Jeeyun Kim on June 16, 2013
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Dear students:

Have you ever sat in your room and “zoned” out into space thinking about your life? It sounds serious when the word “life” enters into the situation, right? We often feel intimidated when thinking, talking or looking into our future. Sometimes the unseen and inexperienced parts of our lives make us nervous and frightened for the unknown. Yet it is this kind of mystery in life that brings adventure. As we slowly think about our life after high school, it is critical to prepare. For each individual the “items” they prepare will, indeed, be different from those of his peers. Simply, we can think of this preparation as finding puzzle pieces to complete a puzzle-life. So how can we prepare? And what can we prepare for the transition to life after school?

Setting Goals

For some, their life after high school may be already thoughtfully planned out. For others, there still may be a white canvas ready to be painted with a unique vision. In order to prepare for the transition after high school, we must know what we will be preparing for. For example, a chef cannot cook if he has not decided what to cook, regardless of the cooking preparations he has made such as purchasing ingredients, cooking utensils, etc. Likewise, as students, we must first decide what we want to achieve after high school. Then we will be able to start preparing.


What exactly do we prepare? The obvious of all preparations would be to work hard in our academic fields. Although academics may not be the only priority in life, it is one in which a student is a part. Then we must follow-up our preparations with self-improvement. We need to analyze ourselves and discover new ways to improve our mind-set. Thinking positive is critical for the transition to life after high school.

I, personally, find that the most important and effective way to prepare for the future is to maintain a consistent positive mentality. Having that positive mind-set will help in all situations. Even when it seems like there is no other door of opportunity, thinking positive will help create that opportunity.

Staying the Course

Another important part of the preparation process is maintaining perseverance in anything and everything I do. I definitely know the feeling of being lost and not exactly knowing the purpose of all the things I do. However, I take a step back and reassure myself that there is a greater vision and dream I have for my life. Thus, with this in mind, I am always encouraged to work harder.

As a teenager, I realize it’s definitely easier said than done when coming to the idea of preparing for the future. I personally understand the urge to avoid working, doing schoolwork, etc. However, when looking at the greater picture that we call “life,” I’ve come to the conclusion that the preparations I’ve made during my four years of high school will set the foundation for my transition after high school.

Recipe for Life

During these four years, I advise students to enjoy their lives and enjoy the possible “stress” imposed on their lives. This so called “stress” can be viewed as good growth for the future, dream and vision we all want to pursue. So work hard and don’t give up because all this work and effort is part of the great recipe of your life.

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Jeeyun Kim

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