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By Maia Castillo on September 15, 2013
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For seniors, time seems to go by more quickly in the second semester of the school year. Life changing decisions must be made, decisions that determine what will be the best fit for them as they begin adult life.

As my senior year progresses, I consider attending a private university as my best post-secondary fit, and when I think of what I must do to make college possible, it comes down to the strength of my education, my work ethic, and finding the right fit.

Senior year sort of starts at the end of your junior year; it is the time that counselors start calling you in to ask if you plan on taking any dual enrollment classes, or teachers start bugging you on whether you have taken your SAT or ACT yet.

Last year as my junior year began to dwindle down, I had to decide how I wanted to map out my schedule for the next year. I chose to take two college classes in the summer, to shorten the amount of credits I would need my senior year.

While I mainly made this decision to make my senior year a little more enjoyable, my choice has actually helped me in my plans for college by allowing me time to take electives that fit my desired major. I want to pursue journalism, and I am now taking yearbook, student broadcasting, and student newspaper courses.

For the first time my schedule revolves around classes that I truly enjoy and wish to make something out of. My educational choices do not only affect me; I now have the opportunity to be the one who shares the voice of my school’s student body.


Building a foundation

While being involved at your school can make an impact on student life, having a job can impact your community. I currently have two jobs; one as a secretary for an elementary school with my high school’s co-op program, and another as a drive-thru worker at a fast food restaurant.

The main reason I have these jobs is to build a financial foundation for any out of pocket expenses I may have for college tuition. It feels empowering to be able to put away money every month and know that I am creating something for myself, but working late shifts can be challenging at times.


Finding my fit

There are three schools that I am interested in attending: Rice University, Southwestern University, or Trinity University. All are private schools that offer the program I would like to study.

Aside from the programs they offer, the main factors are location and the overall feel of the campus. These may not seem like very imperative things to consider when choosing a college, but wherever I choose to go needs to be a place that I feel comfortable. After all I will be spending four years of my life there!

I will be receiving decision letters sometime in January, and it is then that I will have the difficult decision of choosing which one I want to attend. To make my selection easier I have visited one, and I plan to visit the others soon.

As seniors we all wonder where we will be next year at this time, and instead of wondering, we should plan and decide what we are going to do to make next year possible.

I only have one semester left, but I know that with enough work and determination, I will be exactly where I want to be next year. In fact the only hard part is waiting for my first day.

By Maia Castillo| September 15, 2013

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