Priorities, a Plan, and what Feels Right

By Jenna Hubaishy on June 25, 2013
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“What is the best ‘fit’ for me in the future?” If this question were posed to high school seniors across the globe we would all have different answers. Ask again when we’re in college and that answer might be different.

I have an idea of where I want my future to go, but when making specific decisions about my future goal I ask myself, what lifestyle is going to allow me to pursue my passions? What choices are going to allow me to have the most comfortable lifestyle? My parents’ and counselor’s support is a huge factor because with their support I can feel confi dent in my post-high school decisions.

Priorities help in reaching goals
This year I am determined to do my best to guarantee that my transition to life after high school is as pain-free and as successful as possible. To ensure this, I have priorities in place, such as researching more about my top college choices and applying in a timely manner, making sure I have a decent plan on how to pay for college that doesn’t include giving my dad “puppy dog” eyes, and making sure that I am not so focused about next year that I lose my grasp on what is important this year.

These priorities affect every one of my decisions because they will help me reach my goals and obtain the best post-high school life that I can have. My priorities are important to me because I believe they are what will help me to lead a happy and successful life.

I have not had to face any challenges with these priorities, but if I were to have to give up some things because of them, I know that it would be for the best and that my future would be positively impacted even if I can’t see that right now.

Pushing through the fear
It’s difficult to know for sure what the right decision is, and even though I feel like I am making good choices for my future, there really is no way of knowing if everything will turn out alright. I am addressing this by just learning to trust myself and hoping that my priorities and instincts will help lead me down the correct path.

This internal struggle made choosing my top colleges difficult because even though I have a good idea of what I want to do, I still have a fear of what might go wrong. The only way I know to deal with this is just to push through the fear and be confi dent that no matter how things turn out, I made the best decision I could.

I think figuring out the best “fit” for me is just a matter of doing what feels right.

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