Pumped for High School Perks, and Prepping for the Future

By Abby Anfinson on July 21, 2014
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Senior year -- the year I thought would never arrive. Most people haven’t asked me what I think about being a senior; instead they skip right to asking me what I will do after I’m a senior. Students need to get through senior year and then they will enter into the glory years known as college.

Fortunately, I am pumped for senior year! I know it’s more than a waiting period. I see it as my last chance to enjoy the benefits of being a “kid.” I still get to enjoy not having the burdens of grown-up life on my shoulders. I get another year to explore what I am interested in before I have to empty my bank account to pay for college.

Enjoying high school perks
I can play soccer and softball on my high school’s sports team. I can go to prom and the homecoming game. I can ride the school bus when I don’t feel like biking. I can even eat another year’s worth of school lunches.

High school is delightful. But beyond enjoying high school perks, I am anxious to get certain things done to help prepare for my future: Figure out what I want to major in, apply for as many scholarships and grants possible, and the most crucial, decide where I will go. I began doing these things a bit during junior year, but this year I will have to switch into full gear with all things college prep.

College choices seem endless, but funds are not
Figuring out where I want to go is the most daunting for me. The possibilities of colleges to attend are endless. At this point, I want to stay in Minnesota, but that might change. I am developing good connections within the community and the people here, so I don’t want to abruptly end it because of college.

Money is also something I’m worried about. I don’t want to get too excited for a certain school if I can’t afford it. My goal is to get aid or scholarships for at least half of my tuition. I don’t want to be a big financial burden for my parents nor for myself.

I want to figure out what I should major in, so I attend the best school for that major. The two majors that strike me right now are business and secondary education. It would be ideal to attend a school that has strong departments in both. it would be awesome if I decide what I want to do and then stick with it.

This year should be exciting as I finish high school and decide where to attend college. I am so ready for the transition into adulthood, though I love being young. I know I will be ready for that monumental step into adulthood!

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Abby Anfinson

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