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By Jeeyun Kim on September 02, 2013
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The road ahead seems so far, but it’s so close. Too close, if you ask me. Frightening enough, the thought of life after high school is right around the corner. Reasonably, I should probably start thinking about what I’ll do once that time does actually come. I need to start planning and make a long list of plans while setting priorities. But wait. Before getting ahead of myself I have to first think “BASIC.” I need to simply make a life’s to-do list. Nothing fancy, just a list. Personally, I think planning about life after high school is going beyond what I can handle at this point. 

My three questions

I need to start by thinking over the basic factors that will impact my decisions on life. In other words, I should probably first take small steps before big ones.

What do I need to keep in mind when making decisions for my future? I have to ask myself the following three questions:

  1. What do I enjoy doing the most?
  2. What will I gain from the life I made? 
  3. How can the experiences throughout those years impact or influence me for the rest of my life?

These questions are the three important things I keep in mind when finding what is best for me.

Do what you enjoy best

I may not be an author of a book stamped with the title Life 101-Things You Need to Know about Life, but I do know that life carries itself on the basic term, happiness. Oh sure, happiness, a term too overused, seems overrated in terms of determining what best fits you. However, if you make a decision based on what you enjoy best, the result will be favorable.

It’s critical, though, to make decisions that are not only favorable to you, but logical and well-thought as well. I should be assured that my decisions in school, life after high school and in the future are based on my interests.

I definitely wouldn’t want to make a decision that I know I would dislike. I’m not referring to decisions like eating a cookie in class when you’re not suppose to, just because you’re hungry and it makes you happy. Rather, I’m referencing the bigger picture in general.

For example, the classes I take, college I pick or the major I choose are all significant decisions that I will need to make. Thus, I need to make the right decision that is the best for me and my interests.

Thinking about future impact

Next, I want to be able to make decisions for my life that I know will provide me with positive experiences. I find it important to ask how the decisions I make will impact my life.

It’s critical to think beyond current results and the “just now” concept. For me, it’s important to predict ahead of time the impact my decisions will have later on in my life.

Making decisions about my best fit in life isn’t an easy task. But when I narrow down my choices and focus on the key things I need to keep in mind, the job is a lot easier.

With the aforementioned questions, I’m able to analyze my needs and think ahead. With any decision I need to make, I’ll keep in mind the three simple questions and focus on how my decision will create the best fit for me.

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