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By Antonio Robinson on September 15, 2013
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Graduate. It’s a distinction that every high school senior can’t wait to achieve.

As a senior, I know that there is only one more year ahead of me. One more year of waking up to catch the bus and walk through the halls. One more year of going out on the weekends with friends that I have known since I was in elementary school.

But, before I fast-forward my life too far ahead, I must face several tough choices regarding my future. As I sit back and think about next year and the decisions which will be coming full-speed ahead, the best thing that I can do is figure out what is most important to me.

Cost considerations

No matter what decision I end up making, getting the money I need to make it is very important. As countless American children have had it drilled into their heads, money doesn’t grow on trees. Finances can do more than just limit where I go to college; they can also be the factor that determines whether or not I go at all.

As the oldest sibling in my household, I understand the importance of making certain sacrifices. We now live in a world in which the cost of a college education is steadily rising despite the recession. So, the place I end up calling my home for the next four years could ultimately make a difference in the opportunities my younger sister eventually gets to pick from as well.

Some students might get a loan and think college expenses are a thing of the past. Yet, I realize that earning scholarships are a much better option because any money that I am afforded in a loan will still have to be paid back.

Family ties

While money might be important, so is staying close to family. While many dream of the wonderful sense of independence that comes with leaving high school, I also have a need to feel some sense of home.

I could not name a holiday spent without my family or friends. Some college students do not always have the chance to come home for those special occasions, so as I am flooded with college brochures, I cannot help but to push those far away from home to the back of the pile. Growing up in a small state like Delaware has made me truly appreciate the familiarity of my surroundings and my close-knit community.

Name-brand school

My goals are a big driving force, and I want to make sure my degree comes from a reputable school that will help set me up ahead of my peers.

Sometimes the difference between getting a job and getting an unemployment check is the name of the university you graduate from. To get a degree, I know it will require a lot of hard work. It is very important to avoid complacency and continue working hard so that I can climb up the ladder of success.

I can’t imagine waking up on my graduation day and still not knowing what decision to make. Yet, finding the right place for me is not an easy task to complete. With college applications, essays, and financial uncertainties, choosing the right university might be the hardest decision I have come across in my life.

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