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By Grace Carey on September 15, 2013
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The most important factor in my decision making process is proximity, because I want my college to be close to home, my friends, and family, and most importantly I want my decisions to be close to my heart.

In the past few months I sat down and really thought about what is important to me and where I want to go in my life.

I’ve decided some key things; first, being independent will allow me to achieve success, second, I need a career that I can be passionate about, and lastly I want to be near my family.

In the midst of all this thinking, I also decided that I want to attend college, but how can I apply these priorities to my decisions for college?

Towards the end of my junior year, and even more so now, I’ve come to realize that being independent is vital to being successful in school and in the workplace. This year I have chosen several classes that are very challenging and require a lot of outside work (I even went so far as to study calculus on my own so I can take the AP test in May), and these classes are preparing me for the college learning environment.

I’ve watched both of my parents go through college and I know from experience that almost all of the learning is done at home or in study groups, there is no “class time” to work on homework. In order to flourish in college I need to become more independent and dedicate more time to studying outside of class.

When I was thinking about career choices I would get very frustrated because none of them seemed to match me, but I was forgetting to start at the beginning. One day I thought to myself, “what am I passionate about?” and the rest soon followed.

I am very passionate about writing, but I realize that writing might not be the most stable career choice, so I have chosen to support that aspiration with another. I have always been very interested in history and traveling and suddenly a job, that had previously seemed very boring, was screaming at me.

Of course it would make sense that I would enjoy anthropology, and although I may not enjoy every day of my career (how many people actually do?) I know that I will be passionate and dedicated to what I do, and that I will find satisfaction in my work.

Lastly it dawned on me, while I was looking at colleges on the west coast and universities in Hawaii, that I really didn’t want to travel that far away from home. My family is my support system and they are not something I’m willing to give up; I don’t want to miss out on my brother and sister growing up, and I like having my parents around when I need help.

While the allure of far away colleges was extremely tempting, I decided to search for in-state colleges instead so I could travel home on the weekends and during break. I also realized that I would be more comfortable in a city I was familiar with, especially since the campus I wish to attend doesn’t allow freshmen to have cars and I’ll be spending a lot of time walking.

What really clinched the deal, however, was when the university I was interested in started pursuing me and invited me to the honors program, making my future college life more comfortable and more flexible.

My priorities have played a big part in my decision making, especially in choosing a college and potential degrees. While thinking about the future and college I’ve also learned a lot about myself and what is truly important to me. As a result I feel more confident and prepared for the upcoming year and all the changes that are sure to come with it.

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Grace Carey

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