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By Laura Acchiardo on September 15, 2013
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As I think about my next step in life, my main motivation is to receive a good college education, travel the world, and never compromise my morals.

In retrospect, my fate was sealed the moment I started high school. At the risk of sounding like a gigantic nerd, I adore learning, and I enjoy school for the most part.

I want to learn as much as I can about the world before I undertake any form of a long-term career. Eventually, I want to become a literature teacher, and the best way to learn how to teach is to listen to those who teach.

A solid platform

In my opinion, when one receives a good education, it gives a person a solid platform to stand on for the rest of their lives.

Learning gives me a sense of accomplishment. I never realized until recently how much I really enjoy knowledge. It can be hard to appreciate school with the frustration of homework and tests, but the fulfillment I receive from understanding a concept after days of struggle makes everything worth it.

I suppose my love of school and learning is what led me to decide to teach. I like the thought of passing on knowledge to the new generation in hopes that they will appreciate it as much as I do.

My mother always told me that the best time to travel is when you are in college; otherwise, the hectic schedule of life gets in the way of those plans. There are so many things in the world to experience: culture, food, customs, etc. What better way to learn than seeing the world from a different perspective?

I want to see the world first hand. Forget about those silly travel books caked in dust one sees in book stores all too often. I would rather experience the world for myself than read it out of some dusty old novel only wishing I could be there seeing it for myself.

My compass

I believe a person’s morals and principles define them. Principles and morals determine how one will act in certain situations.

I fear for people who have no defined morals because their lives will seem very random and almost meaningless. Those who compromise their morals basically do not have any, and without them, a person has no guidelines for action. They will live unrestrained lives of debauchery.

Perhaps I am being too dramatic, but I do have a point. Just because I am going to college and I will not have any parent to monitor me does not mean that my morals should fly out the window.

My parents taught me those principles and trusted me to follow those principles. College is my time to show my parents that all their hard work and discipline paid off and that I was listening to all those lectures they bothered to utter.

College is for me

I suppose college is the perfect fit for me. For awhile, I thought I might be headed in a different direction, but after careful introspection the only path that makes any sense is the one that leads me straight to college.

After all, college will allow me to indulge my love of learning, traveling, and proving myself. It will be difficult, no doubt, but it challenges me to my full potential. I think college will open a lot of different opportunities for me.

Honestly, I am scared out of mind at the prospect of leaving my home but also thrilled to start the new chapter of my life.

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