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By Rodneshia Bridges on September 02, 2013
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Trying to prepare myself for life after high school is one of the most important tasks I’ll have as a student, although it can be difficult to imagine myself maturing into an adult.

As I think about life after high school, it gets serious now because May, the month I graduate in, will be here in no time and I’ll be walking across that stage as a proud 2012 graduate. I find myself constantly changing my mind and ideas about what I’m willing to do with my career.

At first, I was back and forth with my major in college. Now, I have been weighing my options and realizing that I really don’t want to attend college right now in my life. Instead, I have decided to go into the military and maybe eventually attend college, but having it fully paid for on my behalf.

Not ready for college

Rarely thinking about the military beforehand, I started my summer like most other seniors, researching colleges. However, I soon realized that attending college was not what I wanted to do at this stage of my life, and quickly began looking at possible alternatives.

I realized I wasn’t ready to go to college. At first, the thought of joining the military was a completely new idea I had never considered.

I never really thought about joining the military until I talked to a recruiter. My decision took a lot of personal introspection about what I wanted to accomplish in life and what I wanted to do after graduating high school.

I chose to enlist in the military because it will give me extremely valuable skills and discipline that I can use for the rest of my life. Of the various U.S. military service branches that are available, I am still undecided on which one I’ll choose.

I hope that my time in the military will help me grow personally and help me make the future decisions that will influence my life. I expect the physical and mental challenge of the military to refine me not only as a person but also as an adult. I’m hoping to challenge and improve myself in the military.

Life lessons

I believe that my time spent in the military will not only teach me the attributes needed to be successful in the service, but to be successful in all aspects of life.

The decision to enlist in the military was met with a high level of surprise from both my family and my peers, who had little prior information about my decision. My dad actually was surprised because he has been wanting me to consider the military or go into it, but I never really thought about the positive aspects of it.

A lot of people think I’m joking when I tell them; however, once they believe me, most people tend to respect the decision. I still plan to obtain an education during my time in the military, but I plan to spend my time in a more meaningful way to me than going with the traditional college route like many other high school graduates.

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